Deformations for Nouns

Nouns Translation During translation, we will come across different kinds of nouns derived by words in various forms like adjectives, verbs, and others. Thus, we will take corresponding ways to handle such kind of nouns. Here comes deformation of Nouns. See belows: (一)  Nouns to Nouns To those nouns which have special or specific meaning, we could use literal or direct translation. For example: People---人民,Country---国家,Radar---雷达,Health---健康,Chocolate---巧克力,Laser---镭射,Time---时间,etc. (二)  Nouns to Verbs As to those nouns added the suffix on the basis of verbs, it is better for us to return the verb meaning during translation to keep concise, simplified and meaningful. See below examples: 1)       Television is the transmission and reception of images of moving objects by radio. 电视是通过无线电波发送和接收移动物体的图像的。 2)       One after another, speakers called for the down-fall of imperialism, abolition of exploitation of man by man, liberation of the oppressed of the world. 发言人一个接一个表示要打倒帝国主义,要消灭剥削人的制度,要解放世界上被压迫的人民。 3)       A glance through his office window offers a panoramic view of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. 从他的办公室窗口可以一眼看到华盛顿纪念碑和林肯纪念馆的全景。 4)       We are enemies of all wars. 我们反对一切战争。 5)       The sight and sound of our jet planes filled me with special longing. 看到我们的喷气式飞机,听见隆隆的机声,令我特别神往。 6)       The next news bulletin, shorter than usual, made no mention of the demonstration 下一个新闻节目比通常短,没有提到游行的事。 (三)  Nouns to Adjectives We will treat those nouns derived from adjectives, expressing the function or characteristic of one object as adjectives. Let us look at some examples: 1)       The security and warmth of the villa were wonderful 别墅既安全又很温暖,棒极了! 2)       This experiment is an absolute necessity in determining the best processing route. 对确定最佳工艺流程而言,这次实验是绝对有必要的。 3)       This issue is of great importance to all women. 这个问题对妇女们来说是至关重要的。

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