Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Ⅱ

2 Questionnaire design There are usually two stages for questionnaire design. The first stage is about common question for the client’s satisfaction, if the project is going smoothly, most of questionnaires can only apply questions for the first stage. If the project is going un-smoothly, the client shows their dissatisfaction, and then the second stage of questionnaire should be started up. So it is mainly about open questions in second stage, which is the further discussion about the aspects of dissatisfaction, to lead the client to send more feedback and to determine the crux of the problems. Here we talk about the questionnaire in second stage, below check list is the basic template for reference as the second level of questionnaire, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation of projects. *Pro-sale For your requirement about pro-sales information, proposal, quotation sheet and so on, how do you think our response? For our proposal and quotation, what kind of improvement do you think we should make to show more information and make them more completed and more intuitive? When did you receive the quotation sheet from our company (is it in the reasonable time range you estimated)? How do you think your cooperation with our sales? How do you generally feel about our sale flow? *Project Management How do you feel about your communication with our project manager? For example, the project progress report or other issues. Is there any difference between our committed progress and the actual delivery date? For some changes/updates on projects, for example, range expanded or extra workload, how do you think our response on these? How do you think our project manager’s initiative about “eliminate potential problems during project preparation stage”? Could you please kindly give us more detailed information on your overall satisfaction about our project management? *Translation How do you think about our translation quality, especially in the aspect of following up terminology and translation style guide? What is your feeling about our ways to how to deal with the translation-related questions? *Technology How do you think our performance on localization engineering? Such as, the adjustment of dialogue box size, Help compilation, application compilation and so on. How do you think how our staff master the tool related with your project? How do you think the function testing we undertook? Could you please kindly give us more comments and suggestions on our testing and engineering service? *Desktop Publishing How do you think the Desktop Publishing quality in the project? Such as, layout and other special requirements. Did we follow up your instructions? Could you please kindly give us more comments and suggestions on our Desktop Publishing service? Result analysis After the client finishes the questionnaire, project manager should make analysis the questionnaire and get the actual customer satisfaction. In order to get creditable result, it should filter the client’s answer before making actual analysis, for example, to exclude all answers which are selected as “NO”, and then calculate other answers in below score:
Answer 1 Answer 2 Score
Strongly agreed Yes 5
Agree 4
Neither agree nor disagree 3
Disagree 2
Strongly disagree No 1
NO Excluded from analysis result
So, the final customer satisfaction can be calculated based on the below formula: Sum of actual scores for all questions/Sum of possible highest scores for all questions*100 Overall, customer satisfaction should be kept in 80% or above. Once the score is lower 61%, the questionnaire in second stage is launched.

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