Creative Translation (for CS-EN Translation)

“Creative translation is a new model put forward by Huawei especially in terms of its CS-EN translation services. It requires that the translation should be better, smoother and even more correct than the source text, even though the source text reads a little awkward to native readers." Victor Wang, director of TSC-TMT, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. said when he visited CCJK on 23rd Dec 2011. Due to the big difference between syntax and grammar of English and Chinese, we actually have to break the rules to deliver high quality translation, especially for CS-EN translation. Here are some examples: 1. Split one sentence into two or more sentences: 这是第一个孩子,没有见过世面,老是躲躲闪闪的。 This is my first child. He has little social experience, so he is always shy and awkward. 我们的目的一定要达到,我们的目的一定能够达到。 Our goal must be attained. Our goal will be attained. 要解决问题,还需作系统而周密的调查研究,这就是分析的过程。 In order to solve the problem, it is necessary to make a systematic and thorough investigation. This is the process of analysis. 2. Combine two or more sentences into one sentence. 如何解决假冒伪劣商品的盛行呢?这是广大群众迫切关注的问题。 How to solve the problem of the growing and prevailing fake market was a question to which the broad masses urgently needed for a solution. 从那时到现在,已经整整五十年了,这是光辉的五十年,不平凡的五十年。 Fifty years have elapsed since that day – fifty glories years, fifty extraordinary years. 太阳刚刚落下地平线,季风阵阵吹在脸上,怪痒痒的。 The sun had just sunk below the horizon and a gentle breeze caressed his face. 3. Change the structure of the sentence. 中国昂首挺立于世界之林,越来越成为任何人都不能忽视的巨大力量。 Standing firm and proud among the nations of the world, China has become an ever stronger force which no one can ignore. 这孩子长得越来越壮实了。再过几年,干起活来恐怕没有人比得上他。 The boy is growing stronger and stronger. In a couple of years he might have no equal in work. 不调查、不研究、提起笔来“硬写”,这就是极不负责任的态度。 It is sheer irresponsibility to pick up the pen and “force ourselves to write” without investigation and study the facts.

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