China Railway Corporation will Launch the First Special Train for E-Commerce and “Railway King” Jumps into the E-Commerce Scramble


年中大促的硝烟尚未散去,电商们关于“国庆大促”、“双 11”的“大战”又已在策划中。作为电商大战的后勤保障,物流业同样混战再起,而这一次“铁老大”也将加入混战。 Not before the heat of mid-year sales promotion fades away, e-commerce enterprises have began planning the “National Day” and “Nov. 11” Shopping Carnival. As the logistical support for the e-commerce rivalry, logistics industry is also full of fierce competitions. But this time, “Railway King” jumps into the scramble.

从 7 月 1 日开始,北京、上海、广州、深圳间将开通 3 对 6 列一站直达特快电商班列。在民营快递厮杀激烈的“电商”市场,过去以“大宗商品”为主的铁路货运强势介入,这在铁路历史上还是第一次。 From July 1, 3 pairs of one-stop direct express trains for e-commerce will be available between Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It’s the first time for the railway freight that focused on the staple commodities before in the railway history to forcefully get involved in the e-commerce market where private express companies have always been competing fiercely.

不久之后,一列装满了网购小包裹的货车,将从中小卖家最密集的城市之一广州,一站不停地开向购买力最旺盛的城市之一北京,为硝烟弥漫的电商大战再添助力。 Before long, a freight train filled with small parcels of goods from online shopping will lead to Beijing, one of those cities with the strongest purchasing power, from Guangzhou, one of those ones with the largest number of small and medium-sized sellers, promoting the bitterly contested e-commerce prosperity.

“预计未来铁路方面对快递货源的开拓力度将不断加大,将对国内航空运输形成压力。”中国南方航空股份有限公司货运部江文登表示。而以往被航空和汽车包揽的小包裹快递业务,或将面临挑战。 “It’s expected that the railway freight will be increasingly expanded to the goods sources of the express in the future, posing a big pressure on the national air transportation”, said Jiang Wendeng from the freight department of China Southern Airlines. Meanwhile, small package delivery business undertaken by airplanes and trucks in the past may face challenges.

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