China Internet Conference will be fully upgraded in 2014, and six “big meals” will be introduced.

2014 年中国互联网大会将于 8 月 26 日-28 日在北京国际会议中心举行。中国互联网行业超过 200 位高端嘉宾将围绕“Create Infinite Chances 创造无限机会——打造新时代经济引擎”这一主题进行思想碰撞。具体话题涉及移动互联网、互联网金融、电子商务、大数据与云计算、可穿戴设备、智能交通、智能电视等多个领域。 China Internet Conference of 2014 will be held in Beijing International Convention Center during Aug 26th to Aug 28th. More than 200 top guests of China Internet industry will exchange their ideas through centering around the theme that “Create Infinite Chances—— Build New Era Economic Engine”. The specific topics will involve in many fields, including mobile Internet, Internet finance, E-Commerce, big data and cloud computing, wearable devices, intelligent transportation system and smart TV, etc. 截止到目前,已邀请马云、张朝阳、雷军、周鸿祎、华谊王中军、阿里小微金融彭蕾、百度李明远、猎豹移动傅盛、Evernote CEO Phil libin 、微软大中华区 CEO 贺乐赋(Ralph Haupter)等数百位国内外企业高层出席大会。联想、上品折扣、荣昌洗衣、Jawbone UP 、Misfit Shine、Tesla、沃尔沃汽车等国内外企业将首次参与大会。 Up to now, hundreds of Corporate executives at home and abroad have been invited to attend this convention, including Ma Yun, Zhang Chaoyang, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Wang Zhongjun who is the CEO of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, Peng Lei, the CEO of Ali small micro-finance, Li Mingyuan, the vice President of Baidu, Cheetah Mobile CEO Fu Sheng, Evernote CEO Phil libin, and Ralph Haupter, the Microsoft CEO in the Greater China region. Among these enterprises at home and abroad, Lenovo, Shopin, Rongchang Laundry, Jawbone UP, Misfit Shine, Tesla and Volvo cars, etc. will attend the convention for the first time. 据最新议程显示,主办方为大家精心准备了六道“大餐”: In terms of the newest agenda, the organizer prepared 6 “big meals” for the participants. 亮点一:产业领袖云集,开闭幕论坛重磅升级 Highlights one: Leaders of various industries come together; opening and closing forum are fully upgraded. 亮点二:6000㎡ 体验式展区打造互动盛宴 Highlights two: Interactive banquet will be held in the 6000 square metres experiential pavilion. 亮点三:巨头扎堆、概念抢手,智能硬件潮席卷大会 Highlights three: Tycoons flock together and concepts enjoy great attention. The trend of smart hardware sweep over the conference. 亮点四:领袖齐聚共觅商机,互联网大会星光熠熠 Highlights four: Leaders gather in the glittering conference center to seek business opportunities. 亮点五:“黄金 30 分”谷歌探月,挑逗科技创想极限 Highlights five: In “Golden 30 minutes”, Google’s lunar exploration challenges the imagination limit of science and technology. 亮点六:聚焦全球热点,国际视野升级 Highlights six: Focusing on global hot topics, this conference will greatly broaden people’s international perspective. From: The Cyzone Translated by Elodie, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd. Edited by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd. In case of any mistakes, queries or advice, please send emails to Many thanks!

Words translated by CCJK


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