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                                                       Chat tool & network abbreviation With the development of modern real-time communication tools, the web chat tools become an indispensable part in our lives, by which we can keep in touch with our old classmates, relations, our customers and so on; They make the SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) become truth, perhaps we will work at home one day. It is very convenient to use them to transfer the electronic doucument, we even cannot work without the chat tools in our office. Let me give some examples about chat tools: ICQ("I seek you”)is one of the most popular chat tools in the world. MSN Messenger is an instant-messaging program that notifies you when your friends are online so you can send messages or chat with several friends at once. QQ is both the most popular instant messenger service and the largest online community in China. UC is a chat tool of Sina, same chatting function as QQ, its English corner is free, you can enjoy your English journey there. Skype is also a popular chat tool, you can make internet calls for free with Skype. Call friends and family on any phone with pay monthly subscriptions. Google Talk which enables users to instantly communicate with others via voice calls and instant messaging. See the examples given above. What chat tools have you ever used? Which one do you like best? In order to save time and increase the speed for giving fast response to each other during the chat, I want to introduce the following network abbreviations, maybe you are familiar with these words or you have ever used them. ASAP:As soon as possible BF:Boyfriend BTW:By the way BBL:Be back later BRB:Be right back CU:See you CUL:See you later DIIK:Damned if I known DS:Dunce smiley FE:For example FTF:Face to face FYI:For your information GF:girl friend IAE:In any event IC:I see ILY:I love you IMHO:In my humble opinion IMO:In my opinion IOW:In other words LOL:Laughing out loudly NRN:No reply necessary OIC:Oh, I see PEM:Privacy enhanced mail RSVP:Reply if you please TIA:Thanks in advance TTUL:Talk to you later TY:Thank you VG:Very good WRT:With respect to WYMM:Will you marry me NOTE: This is not a complete list of all network abbreviation used now. It is just a list of abbreviations what I know. If you know others, please share with me.

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