Central Bank Warns Internet Financial Risks for Frequent Entering Grey Zone

Central Bank (晨报讯记者 姜樊)互联网金融火热非凡,不过在央行看来,这有可能触及非法集资的底线。央行昨日发布的《中国人民银行年报 2013 》表示,互联网金融企业的业务活动经常突破现有的监管边界,进入法律上的灰色地带,甚至可能触及非法集资、非法经营等“底线”。 The Internet finance is fiery recently, but the Central Bank thinks it may hit the bottom line of illegal fund-raising. In its The People's Bank of China Annual Report 2013 issued yesterday, the Central Bank indicates that the operational activities of Internet financial enterprises often break the existing boundary of regulation to enter the legal grey zone and even may hit the bottom line of illegal fund-raising and illegal business dealing.

年报数据显示,截至 2013 年末,全国范围内活跃的 P2P 借贷平台已超过 350 家,累计交易额超过 600 亿元。不过,互联网金融风险的隐蔽性、传染性、广泛性、突发性也有所增加。 As shown by data in the Report, by the end of 2013, there have been over 350 active P2P lending platforms in China with a total transaction amount of RMB 60 billion yuan. But meanwhile, the invisibility, infectivity, universality and suddenness of risks in the Internet finance are increased.

互联网金融风险控制不健全,可能引发经营风险。央行表示,一些互联网金融企业片面追求业务拓展和盈利能力,采用了一些有争议、高风险的交易模式,也没有建立客户身份识别、交易记录保存和可疑交易分析报告机制,容易为不法分子利用平台进行洗钱等违法活动创造条件;还有一些互联网企业不注重内部管理,信息安全保护水平较低,存在客户个人隐私泄露风险。 The unsound risk control of the Internet finance may cause the operational risk. As said by the Central Bank, some Internet financial enterprises adopt controversial and high-risk transaction modes for business development and profitability and they do not establish the customer identification, transaction record retention and suspicious transaction analysis & reporting systems, which is easy to create conditions for criminals to use the platforms to conduct such illegal activities as money laundering; some enterprises do not pay attention to the internal management and has low level of information security protection, resulting in the risk of customers’ personal privary disclosure.

据悉,由央行牵头相关部委,已对互联网金融的发展与监管问题进行了深入研究,并将研究制定促进互联网金融行业健康发展的指导意见。 Reportedly, the Central Bank has organzied ministries and commissions concerned to deeply research the development and regulation of Internet finance and will research and prepare the guidelines for promoting the sound development the Internet financial industry.

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