CCJK Attended 2011 China Localization Service Forum

10th Dec 2011, CCJK attended 2011 China Localization Service Forum held in Academy Hotel, Shenzhen. It was a large annual seminar organized by Translators Association of China (TAC). Mr. Ben, Operation Manager, and Mr. Sai Gao, Sales Managers of CCJK, attended the forums representing the company. They distributed the company’s pamphlets and gifts to all attendees as souvenir. We were the only company to provide presents to the attendees, who were quite impressed. The forum aimed to promote strategic cooperation and collaboration between clients and suppliers of language services on the basis of mutual understanding, enhance language support to business globalization and explore ways to match university education with market demand for professionals. The theme of the forum is “Localization service and business internationalization”. Over 150 experts, scholars and principals, representing multinational corporations with localization needs, localization and translation service providers and universities with translation and related programs attended the forum. Ben and Sai participated in the following Sub-forums: 1. Multilingual website and content marketing: Development of international business and the global content value chain 2. Selection, evaluation and management of localization service vendors 3. Enterprise localization drives business internationalization 4. Opportunities and challenges for localization service providers in the new economic environment 5. New technologies and trends in translation and localization services 6. Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI) education and the language industry Many famous companies, such as Oracle and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, made their presence in the summit.

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