Introduction to CCJK ¥1 Foundation

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171,558 RMB
[/av_textblock] [/av_one_full] [av_textblock] Along with the business expansion, the company has decided to take a percentage of its yearly earnings to support families with difficulties in providing their children with proper education in Western China and Pakistan. The Foundation was founded on Dec 31, 2012, and the number that keeps mounting right above indicates how much money the company has raised. [/av_textblock] [av_one_full first] [av_textblock ]

How do we raise the money?

For each hour of our translation/design/engineering work, 1RMB will be donated to the children in China and Pakistan who can't afford their education. Also, financial/material donations are sponsored within the company every year. What’s even more comforting is that, we are making progress in persuading more and more work partners of CCJK.com to roll into this program.

Where does the money go?

At current phase, the collected money, from both sales revenue and internal donations, goes to the Red Cross of both countries and gets distributed at their discretion. However, in the long run, we are hoping to distribute the money via an exclusive committee, which all levels of the staff of CCJK.com and its partner companies take charge in turns and make sure the money is in good and just hands.

Why are we doing this?

In both the conducting of business and personal life, we constantly find ourselves rooted in care and love, and there have been a great many evident examples to support this argument. We deem this a universal thing among all the humanity, and hope there are chances that we can contribute more to the community along with our business expansion. We are not trying to put on any holy cloak or whatsoever by doing this, but this is an attitude that we think all businesses should bear toward work and life. Hopefully, we might be able to make the world a little bit better, of course, with your kind and generous support.