Webpages Re-design Case Study


About the project

The client has some webpages that need to be redesigned and then coded in html. All the content and instructions are provided, the client also provide a website for reference. They would like the website designer with excellent design skills and make the pages look as good as the referenced site, not be an exact copy but also show some originality, also the quality must meet or exceed the referenced site. He requires to be creative, but just something simple, elegant and not too flashy.

CCJK Solution

CCJK assigned a very skilled and professional designer and programmer to complete this job. To make sure of the high quality, the designer designed two types of the pages drafts for the client’s choice firstly, after getting the feedback from the client, we made the updates accordingly.

Then our website designer coded the design to HTML. We use the font to be more comfortable-looking, and change the color for the buttons displayed in the website.

There’s not any problem for CCJK to update several pages to be consistent with the ones they created. Thus, we didn’t proceed to deal with the pages all in one time, we submitted some questions to the client. After getting the feedback about these pages, we made the changes and deliver the final HTML files on time.

About the client

The client is one of the most comprehensive and innovative mental health directory on the web. They purposely keep them free of clutter–so people in need of help can do so with ease and simplicity. The number of people utilizing the internet is expanding each day and video is the next wave. Studies show that people are more likely to engage a website or make a purchase when they can have video contact with the product or service they need. The client has a website which allows people to learn more about mental health professionals in their area so they can make an informed decision about a helping professional.

About CCJK

Founded in 2000 and born for Internet, CCJK is a highly trusted professional e-Services company supported by more than 2,000 talented linguists, engineers, designers and programmers who work as a super organized team. From language translation, desktop publishing, graphic design, software localization, website development, SEO, user guide to corporate eLearning, we provide one stop solution to help client gain competitive edge. We rely on streamlined and sophisticated process to ensure fast and quality delivery. By trusting CCJK’s one stop solution, you need only focus on your core business, win market share and maximize your profit in simplest and soonest way. For more details about CCJK, please visit www.ccjk.com

Case Study –Android Games Platform Web and App Development

pictureAbout The Project

The project design requirements including:

1)       Games Platform Web and Android App Development

2)       Chinese and English version

3)       Backend management of APP client should be integrated into that of Web.

4)       APP is not supposed to shutdown suddenly or restart as possible, Client size should be about 5M as possible.

5)       Cloud server is adopted to maintain the stability when downloading.

6)       The server framework should be concise, so it is suitable for later extension/expanding and future development.

7)       APP should support the function of arrow (Up and Down) key selection.

Our solution for Web and App design

CCJK IT department has PHP, Java experts who can provide one-stop solution for clients in Web and App development.

We have domestic and overseas engineers who are very excellent in English and Chinese, when we get  the detailed project requirements, we first analyse and then present our proposal to client for confirming.

In our proposal, we elaborate our developing plan, how many people will join in this project? Our best quotation? And so on.

When everything is confirmed well, we begin our cooperation according to the contract. We make a WebApp project schedule in order to good control the progress of this project.

From step to step, we submit Web and App prototype, then our UI design, at the same time, we conduct the front-end and back-end development in our side.

For each function module, we also show the DEMO to client from time to time.

The client are very satisfied with our hardworking and good gesture to their project, because of our professional knowledge, hardworking attitude, and excellent work, they will work with us again.

About Client

As a domestic leading software company, they mainly operate in Game platform, in order to enlarge their overseas business; we help them develop the Web and Android App Platform.


Founded in 2000 and born for Internet, CCJK is a highly trusted professional e-Services company supported by more than 2,000 talented linguists, engineers, designers and programmers who work as a super organized team. From language translation, desktop publishing, graphic design, software localization, website development, SEO, user guide to corporate eLearning, we provide one stop solution to help client gain competitive edge. We rely on streamlined and sophisticated process to ensure fast and quality delivery. By trusting CCJK’s one stop solution, you need only focus on your core business, win market share and maximize your profit in simplest and soonest way. If you have any translation inquiries, please feel free to contact Jolie.ben@ccjk.com

Case study of cross-selling— Abroad Study 4 U

About Abroad Study 4 U

Abroad Study 4 U is the authorized representative for leading education institutions around the world. Their qualified Education Consultants can help clients of all ages receiving admissions to reputable universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools, boarding schools and language schools worldwide.

The company is based in Australia and South-Korea and mainly market is Australia, Korea and Germany.

Descriptions & Requirements:

They have an established a website in English and German and need ongoing support in updates, changes and minor design modifications. They are looking for a professional company to help them with the ongoing updates of their website – communication via email and Skype.


When I bid this project on Elance before, I read their requirements and check their website, I found that their main website only support English and German, not include Korean language, in such of case, the client maybe will be interested in our translation service, if technical and translation team can work together which will be more convenient for client, so I give the client a good suggestion like this:

Since 2000, CCJK can provide one-stop solution for you in IT and language service.

As there are more than 130 engineers who are expert in web designs and systems and can provide different kinds of technology support and service for long-term business cooperation. Our resources are excellent in Technologies, but also have strong SEO and Marketing skills

For our customer’s convenience, CCJK language department has more than 1500 resources including Translators and Editors, we can provide native translation services for over 90 language-pairs globally. In your website, there are only English and German language, we can help you add Korean as another language, compared with Google translation, our company is 100% native Korean translator, we can help you directly translate in HTML files and keep the same format and layout unchanged.

We proposal a discount price for USD $500 in the complete package for website update service.

For English to Korean translation: USD $0.14 per source word

Through chat with the client on Skype, they will keep in touch with me and make a decision for this project.


Founded in 2000 and born for Internet, CCJK is a highly trusted professional e-Services company supported by more than 2,000 talented linguists, engineers, designers and programmers who work as a super organized team. From language translation, desktop publishing, graphic design, software localization, website development, SEO, user guide to corporate eLearning, we provide one stop solution to help client gain competitive edge. We rely on streamlined and sophisticated process to ensure fast and quality delivery. By trusting CCJK’s one stop solution, you need only focus on your core business, win market share and maximize your profit in simplest and soonest way.

Copywriting, Content Marketing and SEO Writing

Copywriting is the act of writing for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product and it is often designed to call upon the action of the target audience to make a specific move, mostly making a purchase, subscribe to the newsletter, signing up for a web product and so forth. And so call-to-action is the foremost concern when writing an ad copy, otherwise you will just lose the sight of why you are writing it.

What marketers usually find confusing are the differences between copywriting and content marketing. These two concepts, or marketing acts, are well defined by the content you push to the public eyes, though they are more often than not closely associated and viewed as an integral ingredient of each other. Copywriting is more like hardcore selling pieces that calls for people to make a specific action, whereas content marketing is to provide valuable content that may seem impartial or associated with the product or service you are trying to sell to the public, so that people may like the content provided and be willing to receive further information from you with trust and respect built.

This does not mean content marketing is a higher-level type of marketing than copywriting, because for one thing they have very different roles to play, and for another, they cannot be the best of their kind without the other elevating their marketing performance. Imagine that you have some really good content and have made them into actual articles, and without proper copywriting to make it more attractive to a designated group of people, the great stuff would never be able to fulfill the destiny you assign to it. And that is why we are seeing so much great stuff fail to attract a good number of readers. Of course copywriting without good content is shallow and hollow, playing like lame clowns that merely catch people’s eyes yet have no really good stuff to offer. The best copy comes with great content, and vice versa.

SEO writing is the act of marketing writing that serves particular purposes of optimizing the search engine traffic. Unlike copywriting which mainly serves actual human people, SEO writing is for search engines to capture and push up the target web pages in the search result of certain key words. These contents are usually put in much less prominent places or even hidden from website visitors completely. However, as SEO techniques get consolidated, nearly all search engines evolve at an even quicker pace, cutting down the weight of key words densities and other traditional indicators of the relevancy of the web page to the search input. Instead, with the prevalence of social networks, ranking and voting web pages have become feasible and convenient, and therefore it becomes possible search engines could tell whether a web page has truly great content by the votes the page gets. Despite all the negative, SEO writing still matters today, and with solid efforts and proper strategies deployed, you could easily have your web pages rank among the top first.

Why Is the Crashing Price of Facebook a Good Thing?

Facebook IPO has gone through a huge price plunge since the day it started trading, from the peak of $45 on the first day of trade to the latest close price of below $29. That is a 35.6% slash comparing those two numbers. So what went wrong with the young super giant? Or may we put it as the super young giant?

Well, personally, I don’t believe there was over-evaluation of the Facebook IPO in the first place. It’s just market isn’t always a place where rationality prevails. Despicable as it is to just warn big investors of the lowering of its financial expectation, Facebook has not digressed from its alleged mission of “making the world more open and connected” by succumbing to monetization over user experience.

Would an instant price surge of Facebook stock be favorable? Yes, but only when it did not come at the expense of its users’ experiences and when the site maintained reasonable schemes for the monetization of its traffic. There have been too many examples of failed genius startups that succumbed to investors’ request and tried abusing their traffic only to get a merely looking-good financial report sheet. They might see a short-term revenue soar and flocks of investors holding tight the belief that the brilliant financial forecast would for sure yield the best financial returns. But in exchange, those startups lost what mattered the most, the user experience, and thus the user stickiness. And people just started looking for alternatives, both consciously and unconsciously, and without exception they all ended up ditching the old ones.

I suppose Zuckerburg has well learnt from these experiences, and that’s why he did not sell the company in its youth, and that’s why Facebook did not turn into another Friendster. Sustained growth is the bottom line and Zuckerberg knows the key to it is making it “cool” so that it can keep driving in people.

Does the stock price really reflect the true value of Facebook? Well, I see it too early to judge that. There might be hidden facts just like the financial expectation altering right before the IPO. Who knows? But as long as Facebook still puts users foremost and keeps catering for their genuine needs even under huge pressure from its board of investors requesting for instant financial gains.

People who did buy Facebook stock, especially at its peak of $45 or around could so easily flip out and ganged up trashing Facebook and so forth. I believe what Facebook has done could be a little unethical, but it does have achieved its pre-assigned mission of getting the fund for its future perfection of the site. Be it right or wrong, Facebook’s current stock price can hardly represent its true value. And given it a little more patience and faith, FB could just be another AAPL with soaring stock price of over hundreds of dollars.

Is Facebook IPO Really Overvalued?

Facebook IPOFacebook renewed its price range for its initial public offering at $35-$40, up from $28 to $35 and this would be a record debut for an American company in history.

However, not everyone is as optimistic. There have been voices stating the Facebook IPO could be overvalued as its user base has seen a slowing growth in the last quarters and it is sort of lagging behind in the mobile sphere. Those are apparent challenges Facebook is facing right now, but would either, or both, of them really dwarf the actual value Facebook is holding to, socially and financially?

What Facebook sees as its core mission is to help build and manage social connections over the Internet in a better way. I mean, this is in no way a simple business endeavor, but a revolutionary challenge on how people interact with each other in the web 2.0 era. Soaring and sustained user growth over the 8 years since its early days in a Harvard dorm is a good testimonial for Facebook’s revolutionary status. It is addictive and well fits the universal humanity inside every one of us that longs for being socially involved.

A prevalent argument is that Facebook has seen a slower user growth, and it is the foremost reason why people get skeptical about the young tech giant’s future. Well, a slower user growth is bad, but as it still much surpasses the birth rate of most countries, it is literally on the good run. Others have been arguing that Facebook’s being blocked outside of China puts it in an unfavorable position in market potential. I on the contrary think it as a perfect example of enormous possible market potential Facebook might achieve in the future. Now that Facebook is the most prevailing social networking site attracting billions of visitors even without access to the largest Internet market in the world, what would the landscape be like if Facebook could successfully put China under its reign some day? And that is what we call potential, literally.

Another good reason why Facebook will not likely fade away from people’s eyes comes that it cannot be recreated. I recall clearly a year ago people generating and spreading Google+ buzz and discussing wildly about Facebook being replaced, and what now? Google+ is now no more than a ghost town of no man’s territory. I am not saying I had the insight or whatsoever, but the minute I started using Google+, I had deemed it no match for Facebook, at all.

Facebook is an ecosystem where extensive businesses rely on. The overall turnover they generate each year is staggering trillions of dollars. And as in the very foreseeable future, they don’t have alternatives to turn to. Zynga’s up and downs well portrays this relationship.

All strengths of Facebook come from its user stickiness. Interactive functionalities and addictive entertainment are seamlessly integrated with the social networking basics Facebook is built on, and those features in turn have enforced the social side of the website. People just can’t help logging onto the site and posting updates. To sum it up, the heat among its users could easily be stirred up on Facebook.

“I grew up with the Internet, when I was in middle school I was using search engines like Google and Yahoo. I thought it was the most amazing thing. Now you have access to all this information. The thing that was missing was just people” said Mark Zuckerberg. This pretty much explains what Facebook aims to function as.

Instead of disputing over whether the Facebook IPO is overvalued, we’d better start a new discussion on if it is under-valued indeed. Exceptional user stickiness, the uniqueness and the affiliate ecosystem all add up to the irreplaceability of Facebook and its IPO sure seems a perfect deal to investors seeking good returns.

Why Are Smartphones the Cradle of New Entrepreneurships?

If you are not a smartphone user by now, you are surely outdated.

One of the greatest things about smartphones is that they have the magic to enable imagination and creativity, providing a platform where a simple sparkle in mind could ignite a wildfire and “conveniently” turn into something pioneering that changes people’s life or the business landscape.

How’s that possible?

Well, let’s say the functionality of your cell phone is no longer determined by the manufacturer that produces it, but by tens of thousands of third-party individual and corporate developers of mobile applications.

Now you may argue why that is important and what other functionalities of the cell phone are there besides making phone calls and texting messages.

That is exactly the greatest part of smartphones, which provide countless new functions of the phone and endless experience immerging in them.

Taking a few examples, with a smartphone, you are able to browse the Internet, download and play games, interact with friends and family members in social network, check out latest news and manage your itinerary.

You may also argue that you can do all those stuff with your old cell phone, but let me explain to you where the distinguishing differences are.

The smartphone is an open platform that absorbs millions of applications from a wide variety of developers. With smartphones, you can customize the user experience and decide by yourself which are good and how you will want them to present themselves. But as to traditional feature phones, only a small number of applications solely developed by the cell phone manufacturer can be installed on them.

How’s that again?

Smartphones are more like handheld computers, with independent computing capacity to process complex tasks. And when it is open to the public and anyone wishing to be a part of it can easily participate, collective intelligence could be fused and generate unprecedented waves of innovations, presenting millions or even billions of new applications that are interesting yet practical for daily use.

This all makes the smartphone a personal toolkit or entertainment hub, and it becomes easy to explain why people are obsessively using their cell phones wherever they are.

With proper programming skills, you might try developing a mobile application yourself. And as long as you have enlightening ideas of how life could get easier or more enjoyable, there is good chance you can make a millionaire overnight.

You have a wonderful idea yet don’t know anything about programming? That is sad, but not pathetic.

As long as you have faith in what you hope to come out with, you can hire some help instead of doing everything by yourself. First, consult with experts in the mobile application industry and see how big a technical challenge it would pose. Also, don’t forget to listen to other non-programmers’ ideas if they would like the functionality your application aims to provide.

Always be cautious about giving the whole idea out to programmers, and try consulting with them on only part of the functionality of your application.

Why is that? It is simply too much risk giving your idea all out to someone who can easily steal it. Most applications are an integration of several niche technologies, and this makes it possible to assess their feasibilities respectively with different programmers.

When the initial analysis is done, you can draw a project plan and make a progress timeline. There are innumerous freelance programmers available on the web you can hire, or you can simply outsource the development process to a company specialized in mobile app development.

Again, if you don’t know what makes a fine programmer, there will be good risks of wrecking your application by hiring freelancers, because it is too damn hard for a non-pro to tell who’s a real pro. And take my first application as an example, I chose a small company and left the software architecture job to them, and it turned out alright.

Program by yourself is always the foremost approach you should consider when planning to develop a featured new application. And it is okay that learning takes time and you are most likely to be told the idea isn’t mature enough. Don’t get beat down and frustrated when you hear those voices, but take time to learn programming while polishing your idea, because not everyone can envision the future as you do.

The next technological revolution will most likely have grassroots origins, and the driving force will be the very entrepreneurship inside every and each of the ordinary people. Take your time learning what are the newest and be a part of the historic turning event. This is the new frontier age where ordinary people get the chance.

6 Easy Steps to Website Localization

To open up new revenue sources of a website, a most effective approach proves to be to enlarge its direct audience, so as to gain extra exposure and eventually lever the website’s profitability through advertising or its premium services provided. It is reported that non-English speakers take up 64% of the overall netizen population and they without exception prefer browsing websites in their own language for both business purposes and private online activities. Ergo, website localization gains its ground in the industry.

Since websites are structured using many different technologies, website localization can be a much more complex process than document translation and may require technical support from web engineers for procedures like separating localizable files from the source code, etc. To localize a website could be as time-consuming as building a new site, and, therefore, building streamlined website localization workflow now seems an inevitable trend.

The following is a systemized website localization process deployed at CCJK and based on its previous experience in various localization projects with discrepant requirements.

1. File Analysis

To seamlessly localize a website, source files of the original website must be provided, so that the localizer can well assess the technical difficulty, workload, lead time and other engineering aspects of a website localization project.

2. Project Preparation

To initiate the website localization project, the localizable resources should be extracted from the source files of the original site, including all the textual contents, user interface, images, etc. A terminologies glossary and other reference files or instructions should be prepared as well.

3. Translation

The resource files for software localization will be subcategorized and sent to professional translators with pertinent specialties for language translation. For some web pages concerning the core functionality of the website, further technical support from the website owner’s engineers might be needed.

4. Review & Editing

After the translation and proofreading by the translators are done, test engineers will run in-context review of the translated contents including the user interface and images and make possible further editing of the translated files to ensure the accuracy and suitability of the translation.

5. Translation Memory Updating

When the language side of the website localization project is finished, the translation memory will be updated using the translated content in the new files.

6. Operational Test & Bug Fixing

The localized version of website will be structured using the translated files, and test engineers will test the website functionality and make possible repairs if necessary.

Twitter is a Soon-to-be Cyber Failure

Twitter is a Soon-to-be Cyber Failure

The first time I have heard of the name of Twitter was in 2008, when Barrack Obama mentioned its name several times in public speeches as part of the presidential campaign to reiterate that American people had retained exceptionally good innovation even under the least favorable economic circumstances. Honestly, I was so intrigued and tried several times to find out what was so great about this website, but unfortunately I could not access this site because the Internet filtering system in China blocked us off such prevailing social websites for unknown reasons.

In the following months I learned that Twitter was a micro-blogging platform where people got to post instantaneous messages to a certain group of people. I was a little disappointed upon learning that and kept wondering what was the magic power that could help inhale hundreds of millions of netizens and even made Obama take it as a good cyber example of American spirit.

I found my skepticism toward Twitter well grounded when I for the first time got to actually use it. The registration was convenient and user interface friendly, and the suggested groups to follow did look interesting to me. But only minutes after I finished all the steps and started to check other people out, I found most of the “twits” nothing spectacular but spammy. Why should I care if a total stranger was at the prom or taking a dump. All did not seem to make much sense to me. Other than the meaningless nagging, there were cheesy advertisement too, all making Twitter as an annoying place as an Asian train station where you would get constantly disturbed by possible swindlers. When I thought following industrial giants might be a good approach to keep up to their latest activities, I chose some respectable names in intelligent terminals, which business sector I was in, only to find chatty dialogues that I absolutely had no clue about.

There are some good features about Twitter though. One major reason that I think Twitter sucks and is useless is probably I do not have circles of friends using it. If I was sharing the twits with some of my closest friends, it might be fun to keep track of what they were up to, either experiencing major life changes or coping with daily trivia. Maybe that is why weibo.com, an imitation of micro-blogging site developed by Sina, can also prevail in China.

Although later I found something worth following, mostly news agencies and television channels, Twitter is far less good than I expected. Since inviting friends to create my very own little circle on Twitter is not likely to happen for two reasons: first, it is still blocked off by the Internet filtering system and, second, people around me are already loyal users of weibo.com, the future of Twitter in China can be extremely bleak. And to be honest, Twitter is far from being anything revolutionary like StumbleUpon, even though it ranks higher on Alexa.

Customized Website Development

Commercial demands of each website are different, which determines each website different from each other. This requires companies and design teams work closely to customize a corresponding solution for enterprises.
CCJK has realized that as a powerful marketing tool for businesses, and as to develop long-term cooperative relations with clients, websites make up the traditional marketing methods efficiently.
Your website should be:
1. Provide targeted and effective messages about your company, products and services
2. Provide user-friendly column navigation, so that your target clients can quickly find the information they need.
3. Provide website interactive function, making the target customers to know their needs are which part of the process in your business.

In this highly competitive business environment, which requires companies to optimize resources and reduce costs, in order to ensure efficient processes and certain customer satisfaction. CCJK develops the unique customized website for enterprises, and according to the demands of business to guide the website development – to provide customized solutions, thus enables the business process reasonable.
What kind of customized website we provide?
CCJK provides full range of customized website services, and work with our excellent design team, the advantages are:
1. Quick and correct as well as good cost efficiency development cycle.
2. Provide special counseling in web. domain.
3. Ready-made solution for immediate implementation.
4. Provide professional and timely treatment on customer problems and requirements.
What will bring to you?
The main advantages of cooperating with CCJK are:
1. Expanding business horizons and improve operational efficiency while maintaining your competitive advantage
2. When you focus on process efficiency and customer satisfaction, you can also experience CCJK brings you the business expansion and growth.
3. Cooperating with CCJK, you can focus on your relations with clients, partners and distributors more conveniently.
4. CCJK solutions can seamlessly integrate foreground and background

For more details, please click: 定制型网站(PDF)
Rapidly and freely access to the inquiry of Customized Website Development