Website Development

Webpages Re-design Case Study

About the project The client has some webpages that need to be redesigned and then coded in html. All the content and instructions are provided, the client also provide a website for reference. They would like the website designer with excellent design skills and make the pages look as good as the referenced site, not […]

/ by vicky

Copywriting, Content Marketing and SEO Writing

Copywriting is the act of writing for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product and it is often designed to call upon the action of the target audience to make a specific move, mostly making a purchase, subscribe to the newsletter, signing up for a web product and so forth. And so call-to-action is the foremost concern when writing an ad copy, otherwise you will just lose the sight of why you are writing it.

/ by andriy

Why Is the Crashing Price of Facebook a Good Thing?

Facebook IPO has gone through a huge price plunge since the day it started trading, from the peak of $45 on the first day of trade to the latest close price of below $29. That is a 35.6% slash comparing those two numbers. So what went wrong with the young super giant? Or may we put it as the super young giant?

/ by andriy

Why Are Smartphones the Cradle of New Entrepreneurships?

One of the greatest things about smartphones is that they have the magic to enable imagination and creativity, providing a platform where a simple sparkle in mind could ignite a wildfire and “conveniently” turn into something pioneering that changes people’s life or the business landscape.

/ by andriy

6 Easy Steps to Website Localization

It is reported that non-English speakers take up 64% of the overall netizen population and they without exception prefer browsing websites in their own language for both business purposes and private online activities. Ergo, website localization gains its ground in the industry.

/ by andriy

Twitter is a Soon-to-be Cyber Failure

The first time I have heard of the name of Twitter was in 2008, when Barrack Obama mentioned its name several times in public speeches as part of the presidential campaign to reiterate that American people had retained exceptionally good innovation even under the least favorable economic circumstances. Honestly, I was so intrigued and tried several times to find out what was so great about this website, but unfortunately I could not access this site because the Internet filtering system in China blocked us off such prevailing social websites for unknown reasons.

/ by andriy

Customized Website Development

Commercial demands of each website are different, which determines each website different from each other. This requires companies and design teams work closely to customize a corresponding solution for enterprises. CCJK has realized that as a powerful marketing tool for businesses, and as to develop long-term cooperative relations with clients, websites make up the traditional […]

/ by minnie

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