22 English Blessings of Christmas

圣诞节到了,除了会说Merry Christmas,还会说什么祝福语?学会这些,别人就会觉得你高大上了。学会下面这些祝福语,别人就会觉得你一定是在国外呆过很长时间: 1. Hope you enjoy the happiness of Christmas and all the trimmings. 祝你享尽圣诞佳节的快乐和圣诞的礼品。 2. I wish you a merry Christmas. All affection and best wishes to you and yours. 以我所有的爱心与真诚祝你及全家圣诞快乐。 3. In the season of joy I present my sincere wishes and kind thoughts. May the kind of Christmas out shine all the […]

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Take a Look at the Leaders’ Female Interpreters

NO.1  Princess Der Ling ◆慈禧太后翻译:裕德龄。裕德龄,满族,1886年出生于武昌,后在荆州、沙市度过了童年及青少年时代。上世纪初,精通八国外语的漂亮、聪慧的德龄公主,走进了充满神秘、诡异又异常险恶的皇宫,作为御前女官为慈禧翻译。 Empress Dowager Cixi’s interpreter:Princess Der Ling. Princess Der Ling, Manchu, born in Wuchang in 1886, spent her childhood and teenage years in Jingzhou and Shashi. In the early years of last century, the beautiful and intelligent Princess De Ling who had a good command of eight foreign languages, as the […]

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Good News for Poor Students——Math APP: Take a Photo and Get the Answer

学渣福音——数学APP只要拍照就出答案 Good News for Poor Students——Math APP: Take a Photo and Get the Answer  Microblink公司推出了一款新型智能手机应用PhotoMath, 能轻松帮助学生解决数学题——只要不是太复杂。只需要将手机的摄像头对准要计算的方程式,PhotoMath便会给出清晰的解题步骤。 A new smartphone app will do their math homework for them, provided it’s not too complicated. PhotoMath by Microblink uses a phone’s camera to solve equations and then teaches you the step-by-step method for solving it yourself.   PhotoMath目前可以解决基本运算加减乘除,还能处理分数。例如,它可以计算出246的根以及2³的值。它甚至还能解决简单的线性方程。不过,在使用时,用户需保证x是斜体的,否则PhotoMath不能区分出x和乘号。 The app can do arithmetic: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It can […]

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Bu$iness and Virtual World

  Human has progressed so quick, if we look back at 2010 it will look like ages old. Now we love to shop from virtual shops, it’s like an illusion of real world window shopping. A website for your business is a great way to market.  Have a Great Site; you web design and visual […]

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The Inevitable Competition between Google and Amazon

Google 和 Amazon 看似是两家基因完全不同的公司:Google 以广告为生; Amazon 则是一家电商。但是,商业世界中是没有明确的界限的,哪里有市场、哪里有利益,大家就会蜂拥而至,这在互联网巨头之间也不例外。当人们都在谈论 Google 和苹果之间的风格路径差异的时候,可能大家没有注意到, Amazon 正迅速成长起来,并已经成为了 Google 最强劲的竞争对手之一。 Seemingly, Google and Amazon are two completely different companies in nature: Google makes a profit from advertising; Amazon is an E-commerce enterprise. However, there are no clear boundaries in the business world. People will flock to any fields where there are markets […]

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SF Hey Store in Its Bottlenecks: the Most Unreliable Agent for Sending and Receiving Express Business

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