Facts and Figures About the Italian Language

When in Italy you are probably under the impression that everyone is speaking Italian, huh well not really 🙁 In fact people in Italy speak several different languages in Italy, as well as a number of dialects. So if you have questions like: Where is Italian spoken? How many Italian speakers are there? What other […]

They Don’t Speak Only Italian in Italy?

Now, in the modern times, it is quite easy to speak Italian. Standard Italian is quite easy to speak just think back to when Italy was unified: 1861! Until then, what we now call Italy was just lots of different states, and each one had their own language or dialect. For several reasons like its […]

Dutch: Full of ‘Historical Junk’

  The Dutch language comprises of many useless components, making it difficult and complex to use, according to research by linguist Sterre Leufkens. Dutch, compared to 21 non-European languages, including Bantawa, Samoan and Egyptian Arabic, has the most unnecessary grammatical elements and rules. Dutch is complicated and long-winded according to survey. Take, for example, the […]

Arabic: A beautiful, complex and important language

Arabic language has had a multitude of impacts and no one can deny the influence that the language has had on just about every aspect of the modern world. Arabic is a beautiful creation that has gained awesome power over the years. Almost all translation junkies are in love with the language simply because of […]

Challenges of Arabic to English Translation

Language translation between Arabic and English has always done poorly according to stats, partly because of multiple misunderstandings and problems arising from strange language choices or absolute inaccuracies in translated texts. Let’s see why are there so many problems with Arabic translations? Cultural Vocabulary The problem, is more about cultures than language, or the skill […]

Best languages that Influence the World

Studies have revealed how information flows across different countries to communicate and spread ideas far and wide. It’s a fact; speak or write in English and the world will hear you. Choose to speak or write in Tamil or Portuguese, you may find it difficult and hard to get the message out. According to statistics […]