Biotechnology 译文

Biotechnology falls somewhere between these extremes. 生物科技则居于这些极端之中。 Transgenic crops and human genetic engineering make people far more uneasy than do personal computers or the Internet. 转基因农作物和人类基因工程给人类带来的忧虑远远超过个人电脑或者网络。 But biotechnology also promises important benefits for human health and well-being. 但是生物技术也承诺提高人类健康,增加财富。 When presented with an advance like the ability to cure diabetes, it is hard for people to articulate reasons why their unease with the technology should stand in the way of progress. 但是当涉及高端技术如治疗糖尿病时,人们对生物技术的担忧应该纳入其发展的进程中去,要列出这个原因比较困难。 It is easiest to object to a new biotechnology if its development leads to a botched clinical trial or to a deadly allergic reaction to a genetically modified food. 如果生物技术的发展导致恶劣的临床试验或对转基因食物造成致命的过敏反应,那么要反对新生物技术是最简单的事情。 But the real threat of biotechnology lies in the possibilities of human cloning, “designer babies”—eugenic selection for intelligence, sex, and personality—and eventually, the end of the human species as such. 但是生物技术真正的威胁在于人类克隆的可能,“制造婴儿”-优选的智力、性别和人格-最后,选择人类此类物种。

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