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Translation Theories in Linguistics: Functional School Translation Theory

1960s and 1970s, under the influence of structural Translation Theories in Linguistics, German translation formed two schools, the Leipzig School (represented by A. Neubert, O. Kade) and the Saarbrücken School (represented by W. Wilss). The former was based on the transformational generative grammar, which means to have strict distinction between constant cognitive factors and the variable […]

Translation Theories – Eugene Nida and Dynamic Equivalence

The Translation Theories of American linguist and translation theorist Eugene Nida were among the most influenced theories in China since the 1980s. His most notable contribution to translation theory is Dynamic Equivalence, also known as Functional Equivalence. Concept Nida gave up the long-term used words throughout history, such as “literal translation”, “free translation”, and “faithful […]

Burmese Language Service

This country, which was called Burma since the time of British colonial rule in international history, was changed into the name of Myanmar by its authority since the year of 1990. Although most of the countries in the world have accepted the name, still a lot of areas call it Burma, such as Thailand even some domestic provinces in Myanmar. On October 21, 2010, the state name Republic of the Union of Myanmar was officially announced, as well as its new national flag and state seal. The city Yangon, which is used to be the capital, is replaces by Naypyidaw, making it the largest city of the country.

Wrong words?

When we read a source text for the first time, occasionally there are some words emerge at places where we may think not appropriate for them to appear. In this circumstance, the first idea across my mind is that there must be something wrong, because putting this word here does not make sense. Especially when I meet idiomatic phrases seldom used by Chinese, these words drive me crazy.