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Does “想” equal to “思う”?(1)

When we translate the Chinese word “想” to Japanese, it seems that we often select the Japanese word “思う” as its translation. While we must notice that, on some occasions, we should not translate it to “思う”, instead we should use other words, for example “たい”,“考える”,“慕う” and so on. Now that, it is necessary to make clear that when translate it to “思う” and when translate it to other words.

My views on philosophy of CCJK (2)

In the last article, I wrote some of my views on one of the philosophy. In this article, I want to say something about another philosophy in our company.

My views on philosophy of CCJK (1)

It has been about 2 months, since I entered into the big family of CCJK. In this period, I learned a lot of things which can never be knew from school or books especially the two philosophy of CCJK. Those things influenced me greatly, from my characters to the field I specialized in, I feel lucky to have the chance to work here. So I would like to share my feelings with everyone in my first articles.