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Localization and Translation Technology in the Chinese Context–3

3. TRANSLATION TECHNOLOGY: PAST AND PRESENT Translation technology is defined as “the branch of translation studies that specializes in the issues and skills related to the computerization of translation” (Chan, 2004:258). In application, it can be further classified as MT (Machine Translation), HAMT (Human-Aided Machine Translation), and CAT (Computer-Aided Translation), while in terms of its […]

Localization and Translation Technology in the Chinese Context–2

2.2 State of the Art Now that localization has been with us for more than twenty years, it is no longer the special function of a single industry. Instead, it covers a great number of different industries. According to Lommel and Ray (2007:53), LISA is “the premier organization for the GILT (Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and […]

Localization and Translation Technology in the Chinese Context–1

1. INTRODUCTION Localization is mainly about customizing products and services like software, documentation, online help, websites, training materials, contracts, etc., to the target market in business. In this process, language problem is the first barrier to break through. At present, translation technology is playing a significant role in localization, because it will definitely improve the […]

Specialization of translation and localization

The industry ranges from translation/interpreting and localization services, language technology development, language teaching and consultancy in linguistic issues. Localization services are the ones that help international firms turn their intranets, websites and even some software into Chinese as they open offices and start operations in China. They represent a booming language service industry that has […]

The Features of the Translation and Localization Service market in China

1. There is great potential for the translation market in China. The estimated output of translation ranges between 20 billion to 30 billion yuan (roughly 3-4 billion US dollars), though there is a lack of official statistics. 2. The estimation is that there are less than 100 localization service companies of certain scale. Many translation […]

The Localization Service Sector in China at Dawn

by Cui Qiliang Secretary-general of the Localization Service Committee of TAC Localization service sector in China has gone through periods of start-up and development for over a decade. During 2007 and 2008, the sector strengthened publicity and exchanges with global counterparts, and has grown from a random state without any order to being regulated and […]

Is Translation a Product or a Service?

Many people ask me “what is your job”? My answer is “I am a salesman”. “What kinds of products you are selling” they ask. “No. I am not selling the products. I am selling the translation service” I answer. But I am not sure whether my answer is correct or not. So is Translation a […]

Bright future for China’s translation industry

I work for CCJK, a leading translation and localization company as a salesman so I carefully study the history and future China’s translation industry, finding that the future of China’s translation industry is bright. The reasons are as bellow: A growing market The global translation sector is witnessing a “golden age” of development. The Allied […]