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Case Study on Two English translation versions

Case Study on Two English translation versions

It is shameful to say that I am an English major, as I am not experienced to deliver native English expression in many cases except some daily usage. Most of my colleagues complain that it takes quite a lot of effort to deliver one excellent English translation job. How come this situation? Are we not so smart to learn it well? Are we too lazy to use it? Let it be, but we really need to do it well. I pick up two versions of English translation job, one is translation, and the other is the edited one.

More tips on my work

Continued from previous one 5, act sincerely and friendly All of us are pleased to keep in touch with those sincere and friendly persons while move away from those distant and arrogant guys. If you talk to the client in a manner of icy mood with no affection, I dare to say that the client […]

On House

Every one in the cities dream of a house (Fang zi) and is striving for it by varied means. However, we may have not learned much about what a house really is, or in the deep sense, can we buy a house with our own economic status? Talking about “house” can be a method of greeting for friends who separate for years, why this happens? I guess it would be that every one cares too much on “House”. A “House” can be proud of.

How to translate the prep. “About”

How to translate the prep. “About” In my personal opinion, the translation of prep. is quite hard to master. Prep. can be translated into varied words depending on the context and its function in the sentences. Here I summarize some usual practice for the translation on “About”. 1, it can be translated into “关于”,”有关”,”相关”,”涉及” etc. […]

My points on Translation

I have been in linguist department since May 15th. It is not proper to say it is a tough time or easy time, but a time for me to learn how to do translation well and to be a good translator. Here, I would like to conclude my points on it. May it be correct […]

Keep learning

Keep learning In our lifetime, one third of the time is spending on sleeping, thus we have only two third of our life time to work and do others things we are required to. Among the things we are required to do, we may have only quite short time to learning. We have to make […]

Contrast Analysis on Translation version and Edited VersionIV

The last part: 22,Because branching logic will be impacted by changing the question type, the following pages will be deleted if these edits are saved: Edited version:由于问题类型的更改将影响分支逻辑,因此,倘若保存了这些编辑,以下页面将被删除: My version:由于问题类型的更改将影响分支逻辑,因此如果保存了这些编辑,以下页面将被删除: Analysis: I feel like it is preferential reasons.”倘若” and ”如果” seems no big difference in meaning, other than in style. As far as I am concerned, […]

Study on some terms II

As a matter of fact, there are variety of terms which will lead to misunderstanding based on the meaning at a glance.

Contrast Analysis on Translation version and Edited Version III

15,Sample size will be set to one if launch from ‘An Adobe URL’ is selected. Edited version:如果选择从 Adobe URL 启动,将会设置样本大小。 My version:如果选择从 Adobe URL 启动,将设置一个样本大小。 Analysis:”set to one” does not mean “一个样本”, but that here it means to set sample size. “one” in here has no real meaning but bears the function of grammar just […]

Study on some terms

Study on “Beizi” In Chinese, there is variety of “Beizi” in the category of “Beizi”, while in English varied “Beizi” owns a distinct name which doesn’t have the same connections. In English translation practices, people have realized that the languages in varied areas have reflected the nation’s opinion on subjects. When people name something, it […]