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SDLX Analyse Ⅰ

As a project manager, we always need to use CAT Tools to deal with all kinds of source file and then send to our translators to translation the source file into target languages. Before starting translation, we should tell our translators how many words they have to handle on so that we can discuss a reasonable timeframe.

How to create Translation Memory

As a project manager, I have to use different software which assists me to meet all kinds of requirement of client. For some long-term project which needs to maintain the consistency and accuracy throughout the project, we should familiar with some CAT tools, because CAT tools help us to maintain translation memories and use previously […]

The Sign Language of the Chinese People

In addition to words, people often use gestures and facial expressions to show their feeling and to exchange information. Body language is also a powerful means of communication. Most of Chinese people’s gestures are similar to those of other nations, but there are some peculiar ones, to which we should pay special attention. For example, […]

The SDLX Edit screen

Translation is performed on the SDLX Edit screen. The text to be translated is broken down into segments. Source language segments appear on the left of the screen and the target language segments on the right. When you first open an ITD the same source language text will appear in both columns. By applying translation […]

Comparison of English and Chinese Expressions in Social Contact (II)

Chinese people might ask about each other’s name, native place, age, profession and income when they first meet. Most Westerners prefer not to talk about their ages and income. Chinese people usually ask about the other’s surname, not the other’s given name. The most common question is “nin gui xing?”(What’s your honorable surname ?). People […]

Comparison of English and Chinese Expressions in Social Contact (I)

             China and Western country have many differences in culture, political and geography. If we want to compare expressions between English and Chinese. We have to talk something on culture, since language is influenced by culture and reflects it. Each nation has its own cultural pattern and language is the carrier of culture. So we […]