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When we fall down on the way, just try again

  There is an interesting psychological phenomenon called “Gravida Effect”, saying that if you are a woman and if you are pregnant, you will find pregnant women around you more easily. They seem everywhere, in the market, on the bus or even places you never expected. And you just wonder where they come from and […]

The translation of advertisements

Translation is not simply a matter of seeking other words with similar meaning, but of finding appropriate ways of saying things in another language. Translating is always meaning-based, i.e. it is the transfer of meaning instead of form from the source language to the target language. One of the most important functions of advertisements is […]

English in advertisements

As a carrier of information in today’s high-speed commodity economy, advertisements have penetrated into all spheres of life to become indispensable part of modern life. And also, as a mean of disseminating information, the wording of the advertising English should be simple, clear, catchy and of great distinction. The lexical features of English advertisements: (1) […]

What I learned from my job

Note: Ayrton Senna, he is now my favourite driver because of the translating job I did. Maybe you are a skilled translator to and you’ve already done some translation work, paid or pro-bono, or maybe you are completely new to the business and are wondering if being a translator may be the job for you […]

How to use free translation properly

We keep on emphasizing the importance of handling two different kinds of language properly while we are translating thus literal translation and free translation are always taken into consideration. And which way of translation is better? There is no determinate answer. But, target language must express what source language means, distortion is not allowed. As […]