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On Criteria of Translation

Many great translators proposed their requirements for criteria of translation. With the criteria, we have the basis to evaluate a translation. Whenever the criteria of translation is discussed in China, the principle of translation proposed by Yan Fu would be mentioned, namely: faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance. However, in the application of the principle, people have […]

On Word Conversion In E-C Translation Ⅱ

Definition of work conversion The word conversion refers to converse a word class in English into another word class in Chinese.The root cause for this phenomenon lies in the great difference between expression ways in English and Chinese. During translation, translators shall convert word class in accordance to the expressions in Chinese Necessarity of Word […]

On Translation of Technical Manuals (III)

Processing of Sentences in Technical Manuals The processing of sentences in technical manual is to meet the requirements of “information accuracy, logical clearness and readability”. The information accuracy relies on accuracy translation of technical words as described above and the correct reflection of relationship between words which can be achieved through appropriate adjustment (i.e. describe concepts […]

On Translation of Technical Manuals (II)

Search: First search for the Chinese website of the company who publishes the manual; if the website exists, browse it to get knowledge of the background and confirm if there are some materials in Chinese which may be referenced in translation. If the above is not sufficient, the translator can take use of the Internet, […]

On Translation of Technical Manuals (I)

The translation of a technical manual may concern the whole manual or some parts of the manual or individual instructions of same product or related products. For the former, due to the provision of complete information & context and explanations to many key specific terminologies, translators can guess the meaning of technical terms; while for […]

On IT English Translation Methods (I)

Translation method of words in IT English The importance of vocabulary can never ve underestimated. With the rapid development of IT technologies, there has been a considerable increase in IT English words. Characteristics of words in IT English First, there are many words which are borrowed from daily vocabulary but have transformed meanings. These words […]

On Extension of Semantic Meaning

The extension of semantic meaning refers to extend a word’s meaning according to the context and logical relations and select an exact word in the target language, so as to make the translation more natural, native and smooth. Since the meaning of words in English greatly depends context and is variable, the extension of meaning […]