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Talking about Cambodia Again

It is about night the first time I arrived here. There is nothing you can see except darkness above through the window of the plane. Only when you arrived near the Phnom Penh International Airport, you can see the light tower lighted leads the plane to land. But, two years later, when I came again, there is a big difference. High above on the plane, you can see many “light lines” crossing each other, which are actually the road lights along the two sides of each road. No needless to say, the development of Cambodia is also fast. Although, sometimes some people think that it always stays behind others.

Interested in foreign trade?

Foreign trade, as the name suggests, is the business done with other foreign countries. In China, most foreign trade business are focus on costal city, like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Ningbo and so on, the reasons I think are :1) There are many factories located in these cities, which can offer a big production for exporting . 2) These cities are near sea ports, which facilitate to transport goods to destination countries. 3) Some of these cities were open to world in early period when China carried out reform and open policy, and then many foreign businessmen came to these cities to seek better business chance and cheaper products.

Cambodia in My Eyes

After leaving from that mysterious country – Cambodia, I always want to write down something, recording those foreign aesthetic, getting others know about it and its people. But, when I come to do it, I actually do not know what I should do, because there are so many wonderful places, meaningful things, and interesting people. I really do not know where to get start it.

“Professional” Service in Translation

For a professional translator, “Client” is always your superior and commander. Most of our translation works are finally used being based on a kind of business activity, such as, advertisement, product manual, catalogs, specifications, instructions, letters, readings, etc. In order to meet this business needs, you need to do more “professional service translation”.

Translation in Mechanics from English to Chinese

Mechanics Translation belongs to the scope of science and technology translation. Thus, it has the common features of science and technology translation, such as, long sentences, lots of passive sentences, difficult and un-frequent words, hard to understand the original target, etc. Besides, it also has its own characteristics.

Why Professional Engineering Translation is So Important?

At present, with the rising of the national GDP level, the world economic pattern has occurred great changes. In the structure of GDP, engineering industry has been occupied an important position. This also explains that our lives, our work, or business and so on, all have a wide variety of links with engineering. With the increasing of the internationalized development of all countries in the world, the cross-border engineer projects, international engineering projects have been increasing, but a number of different languages have virtually became an obstacle of the development. Engineering industry is very special. It is generally a huge project with long duration, high cost, lots of participants, and usually there is a specific workflow and cannot be reversed, as well as a variety of professional requirements, drawings and technical documents, including from national authorities, industry, local, special projects, and the owners’ requests. Professionalism of these provisions is strong, even in his native language, not a professional, one cannot easily understand. All these require professional linguists to solve for you.

How Much Do You Know "Catalan"?

Catalan (Català), also known as the Valencia language (Valencià) in some areas, belongs to the Indo-European family Romance languages​​, is one of the official language of Spain. About 12,000,000 people are using it, who located in Spain, France, Andorra and Italy, where most of the users are in Spain. As in countries, only Andorra has Catalan as its only official language. However, it is also regarded as an official language in Spain, Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands.