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Irregular inflexion in Korean (III)

  6、the irregular inflexion with “ㅎ”: when the last syllable of the adjective “ㅎ” is contacted with the consonans “ㄴ,ㄹ,ㅁ”, the character of “ㅎ” will be lost. What’s more, the vowels “아/어” will become “애” together with the later “아/어”, and “야/여” will become “얘” together with the later “아/어”. For example: 그렇다 :그렇+ㄴ→그런           +ㄹ→그럴、+면→그러면           +ㅂ니다→그럽니다 (however, […]

Winter Solstice (II)

The story of the Winter Sostice. (1)   In the old Beijing, there is a saying about the solar term that is eating dumplings (馄炖, another kind of traditional food, which is similar to 饺子) in the Winter Solstice Day, at the same time eating noodles in the Summer Solstice Day. It heard that the Xiongnu […]

Winter Solstice (I)

What is the Winter Solstice? The Winter Solstice is one of the important lunar solar terms in China. And it is also an important Traditional Festivals for Chinese people. There are many other names for Winter Solstice, which can also be called as Winter Festival, Long-arriving Festival (“长至节”: because this day is the shortest day […]

Irregular in Kinflexion korean (II)

5、the irregular inflexion with “ㅅ”: when the verb, the last syllable of whose stem is “ㅅ” is used before a vowel, “ㅅ” will be dropped from the word. For example: 짓다:짓+어요→지어요                      +을 겁니다→지을 겁니다                      +어서→지어서     this kind of words are like: 짓다,낫다,젓다,붓다   For example:     1)새 집을 짓고 있습니다.집을 다 지으면 곧 이사할 겁니다.   We are building a new house, after building the […]

Irregular inflexion in Korean (I)

1、   the irregular inflexion with “ㅂ”: Most of the adjectives and verbs , which end with the terminal syllable “ㅂ”, when they are connected with the vowels, “ㅂ” will be changed as “우” or “오”. So if the words, such as “돕다” “곱다”, are connected with  “-아요,았어요”, they will be changed into “도와요,도왔어요” and “고와요,고왔어요”. […]

How to make a delicious Korean Kimchi

The 1st Kind of Method: The main material: Chinese cabbage Additional material: Korean chilli powder, fish sauce, daxida ( a kind of Korean condiments, pulverescent), saki, walleye pollack, sleeve-fish, fish jam. Step: 1、A pot of salt water( as much salt as you can),steep the Chinese cabbage with pieces into the salt water for four hours, […]

The difference between North Korean and South Korean

Specifically, there is no essential difference between North Korean and South Korean. That is because they originate from the same nationality and culture. Just because of the history season, North Korea and South Korea were divided into a communist country and a democratic country, which affected that there are some delicate differences between the two languages.

How to make your computers to work smoothly? (V)

After the windows being used for a long time, there will be many kinds of temporary files appear automatically in your computer, which will affect the speed of the systerm and make you to be irritable. However, for the computer masters, it can enhance the speed of their computers by modifying the registry, or optimizing the system by manual control.

How to make your computers to work smoothly? (IV)

Method: run the registry editor, enter “HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel Desktop”,change the data value of MenuShowDelay as 0, though the default data value is 400.after changing this, the speed of displaying the modified XP Start menu, and even the menu of the application software will be enahcedsignificantly.

How to make your computers to work smoothly? (III)

The defaults interface a taskbar, start menu, desktop background, window, button and so on, will be followed after the XP system is installed. The style of the interface is luxury, stunning, however, but the disadvantage is obvious, either. They will consume a lot of system resources with little practical significance.