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Talent Management in 21th Century (4)

Following to the part 3. There are many kinds of approaches in the learning and development activity. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is one of them and about learning and development that enhances the participant’s effectiveness in their professional role. As organizations shift the responsibility for personal learning development back to the individual, the ability and insight […]

Talent Management in 21th Century (3)

High-potential people will need to have their potential unlocked, be fast-tracked to retain their engagement, and developed in many areas, including emotional intelligence, technical skills and the ability to perform beyond their cultural comfort zones. It is obviously that talent management has strong commitment from the learning and development. It tends to be a major […]

Talent Management in 21th Century (2)

In the information age, the value of hard assets has deceased relative to the value of an organization’s intangible assets like reputations, innovative ideas and proprietary intellectual capital. Talent management is undoubtedly one important part of them. In the current recession period, the need for effective talent management has been further prioritised (CIPD, 2009). Some […]

Talent Management in 21th Century (1)

Organizations have always looked to employ the people who were thought to be the most suitable for the vacancy. They have recognised the important of the acquisition of talented individuals. In 1997, Mckinsey & Company coined the term of ‘war for talent’ as the name for their research on talent management practices and beliefs. They […]

Case Study: Treasure Every Chance to Win a Client’s Concern

About the Client The client is a jewelry provider from United States and owns an official website about their product. About the Project The client initiated an ad on Elance to look for a copywriter to write their product descriptions for the website. They would like the descriptions to be well written by someone with […]

Case Study of Content Writing for an Advertising Company

About Client The client is a large advertising company based on Australia that produces lots of work for content as they build many websites.   About the Project The client was looking for a fast and reliable writer for a long term relation. They need the content writing for websites mostly but may have a […]

Developing Writing Projects

In the past a month, I spent much time in developing the field of writing projects on Elance. It means that we must face a wide range of projects content when getting on with writing, as well as a big challenge. But I believe it will be a new area where CCJK could penetrate and […]

The Ethical Issues in the Email Marketing

This is my first article posted in CCJK Blog. As a beginning, I come up with a topic about the ethical issues in the email marketing and would like to talk about several of them with my understanding. This article will just mention three issues but there are more others which are still considered seriously. And hopefully […]