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Queries from the Customers

As project managers, you can always receive different kinds of queries from the customer after you deliver the translation. Actually it is a very difficult part for project management job especially when the customer needs you to give the answer as soon as possible. In most cases, project managers don’t know about the target language, […]

What does A Good Project Manager Look Like?

Having been worked as a project manager for about 2 months and taken care of several projects, I begin to realize what a good project manager should be like. I, of course, am far away from the good project manager. 1. Patience Good project manager should have a lot of patience. They should be patient with […]

My Primary Understanding of QA process in Translation

When you work as a project manager, QA is an important part of the routine job. If the client leaves the turnaround time enough long, project manager need to do the QA work for each project. When the target language is Chinese or English, the QA is not difficult to do. But if the target […]

Some Thoughts about Resourcing Work

Having worked as a resource manager for almost 4 months, I did find some problem exposed in our daily work. For example, everyday we could receive dozens of emails from different translators majoring in translation of different languages and different field applying for being a part-time translator of our company. One the other hand, our […]

My Interest in Proz.com

When I first worked as a resource manager 3 months ago, I mostly worked on elance.com. At that time, I was very satisfied with elance because the translators on that platform were always eager to bid for my posted jobs and their price seemed very nice. On the other hand, I was not a fun […]

Some Knowledge about the Categories of Writing Service

It is easy to find out that Writing&Translation are bundled together no matter on elance.com or odesk.com. But for translation, it has no subcategories. Writing, on the contrary, has many subcategories, including article writing, web content, E-books and blogs, ghost writing, copywriting,  creative writing, academic writing, technical writing, sales writing, etc. Besides this, another strange thing […]

How to Count Words in Trados 2009

Last week I got a training about how to count the words of files in different format by using different versions of Trados. Before I joined the translation industry, I never cared the word count of files and didn’t even know the MS WORD could count the words automatically. But now I think quite differently and […]

How Trados Enhances the Efficiency of Translation

From my short work experience as resource manager, I could tell different translators hold different views towards Trados. Some beginning translators are interested in Trados for the amazing functions they heard of but they might not know what Trados really is and how it works. There are also some experienced translators considering if it is worth buying and […]