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Raining Day

It is raining outside, slightly. And my mind becomes quiet.   A friend of mine is searching for a new job. we have a conversation.   “oh I don’t know what could I do, I just send some application, some reply I am not satisfied, and I fail in a interview, I think I mess […]

Some Methods to Manage a Project Better

As a PM for 2 complete months, I think it is time to make a brief look back on the past learning period. At preliminary period, I arranged one project a day. I get a lot of time thinking how to do it well. Now I could arrange more than 5 projects at the same […]

Picture Thinking II

I really want to write the topic before I forget. At the beginning of this month, I just wrote Picture Thinking I to illustrate a kind of thinking might improve speech ability to some extent. However I was rather disappointed that I didn’t carry it on well. From then on, I seldom used that method when […]

Picture Thinking

I always consider how to learn English well. Standing on stage, I give fluent and touching speech to thousands of people. Or communicating with foreigners freely, I translate both language to Chinese and other English-speaking people without any pause and difficulty. That’s a perfect dream. What I can do now, is fighting for it! And […]

The Preliminary Journey of Being a PM

Luckily, I have received several orders for my beginning weeks, and practice makes me better. I get a clearer picture of the job process. And I come to realize the importance and responsibility of the role of PM. before I enter the company, the interviewer asked me what the PM is. At that time I […]

The First Day to CCJK

Yes, i am a totally green hand in this kind of professional translation company. Now i have been this company for few days, and I like this job. For the beginning, I get a lot of things to learn. After taking the Apprentice journey, I will become a qualified PM. I was ready to brace […]