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Brief Introduction of the United States courts

Brief Introduction of the United States courts In the United States, there are two levels of court systems, the federal system and the system at state level. According to the constitution of the United States, some scholars divide federal courts into Articl 1 courts, Article 3 courts, and Article 4 courts.Court system at state level […]

A Group of Synonyms

For one meaning, there are usually many synonyms.Which word should we choose for a certain context? This depends on a few elements, such as the usage, collocation, suggestion, hint, and even implication of the words. Below are some suggestions of a goup of synonyms, advance, progress, and proceed. Advance suggests a person or thing moving […]

Legal Terms in Procedural Law

Legal Terms in Procedural Law There having a lot of synonyms is legal terminology’s feature. If we don’t know the distinctions between them, we’ll have difficulties in applying them. So it is necessary to learn some contexts where a legal term is applied. Additionally, English is widely used in the world and is a lot […]