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Some Tips on Proofreading

A translation cycle is comprised of translation, editing and proofreading. As the last step, proofreading plays a vital role in quality assurance, so the proofreader should be reliable, picky and conscientious. To meet the increasingly higher requirements on high quality but fast turnover translation, the proofreaders are required to proofread above 10,000 source words per […]

On Quality Assurance

What is QA? Quality assurance (QA) is a process of ensuring that the delivered products/services are up to the client’s standards. Different from the manufacturing sector, QA is more focused on improving the final quality than distinguishing good products/services from poor ones in the localization sector. Why QA? For organizations in service-oriented industries, the quality […]

On HTML Tags and Codes

So many tags… I’m fully puzzled! On occasion you may find tags that you don’t know their meaning when translating a file. You don’t know such tags shall be kept or removed and whether you should leave a space between the tag and the prior and following character, especially when the target language is simplified/traditional […]

How to speed up your translation output?

For most translators, it is not easy to consistently maintain high-speed output while not compromising good quality. When translating, you may find yourself slowing your translation speed because: 1) diverting your attention by surfing on the Internet or chatting with friends; 2) not familiar with the subject of the source materials, so you have to […]

Diversified Financial Translation Services in CCJK

Founded in 2000, CCJK is a professional provider of translation and localization solutions to organizations all over the world. Over the past 10 years, CCJK has fulfilled a number of translation orders in various fields. Along with IT, Telecommunication, business, medical and manufacturing fields, the financial field is one of our major service sectors. CCJK […]

Finding Professional Financial Services in CCJK

With the increasing globalization of financial markets, the global economy is now more interconnected than ever. On the back of sluggish economic growth in USA, expanding European debt crisis and ongoing economic decline in many developed countries, the global economy is currently amid rising uncertainty. To make their business stand out in the increasing global […]

How to improve readability of your translation (C-E Translation)

Last year, I ever wrote a blog about how to improve readability of your English-Chinese translation. In that blog, I have introduced some approaches to improve the quality of your translation. In fact, these approaches also work when you do a Chinese-English translation. Now lets’ review such approaches and see some examples. 1) Familiarize you […]

ITM Poland 2012: May 29 – June 1

ITM Poland 2012 Date: May 29 – June 1, 2012 Location: Poznan International Fair, Poznan, Poland With Poland’s annual economic growth rate maintaining about 4% over the past years, various industrial sectors nationwide show an increasing demand for new technologies and enhanced solutions. It is evident that there is a pressing demand for replacing the […]

How to translate Chinese Sentences without a Subject

Sentences without a subject are common in Chinese, such as “下雨啦!”, “真的把我饿坏了。”, and “原来那片空地上建了好多商业大楼。”). However, in English, a sentence generally requires a subject. In this way, when translating sentences without a subject from Chinese to English, you have to add a subject or change the sentence pattern for proper sentence structure and English grammar. Here […]

Portugal sees huge potential demands for translation in travel sector.

As one of the biggest tourist countries, Portugal attracts many tourists each year (12.8 million in 2006). By creating more jobs, driving exports and generating huge revenues, tourism is a supportive sector of the Portugal’s economy. 2010 is another successful year for Portugal’s tourism. In the year 2010, the country was visited by 14 million […]