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Introduction of English Textual Pattern

The textual pattern is a way to classify the textual style and content. The textual pattern that constructs an article varies according to the difference of the textual style, which means the textual style restrains the textual pattern. There are five types of textual pattern. 1. Problem-solution pattern It narrates the conditions first, and then […]

Ideographic Forms in English

Before discussing the ideographic forms in English, we need to learn two terms and their definitions. The first term is “inflecting language”. It means “a language in which the form of a word changes to show a change in meaning or grammatical function. Often there is no clear distinction between the basic part of the […]

Uncommon Meanings of Common Words

As English majored undergraduates and translators, we all have a basic and comprehensive grasp of English language. And our vocabulary enlarges as our daily work proceeds. We may come across plenty of new, complicated and specialized words and terms; however, the common words also have their uncommon meanings and ways of use that are noteworthy. […]