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Exquisite language

To ensure the language arts and advertising style representation when we translate advertising text, the translator must thoroughly understand the products and advertising content and artistic form, follow two different languages (source and target) characteristics and habits of expression, through accurate translation rhyme to rephrase the original meaning. Advertising as an application language that is […]

Acquire the trust of our client

To build a long term cooperation relationship with our client, I think there are some points that are of paramount importance. 1. Sincere, friendly attitude Everyone would love to communicate with friendly person. If you answer a call with cold tone, I bet the client would give up all likelihood cooperate with you. Therefore, when […]

Learning and accumulating experience from typical projects

During our daily work, every project manager will encounter different kinds of projects every day. Some of them maybe intractable, and we may feel annoying and troublesome when difficult to handle. However after we figure out all the problems, and deliver the files of good quality, by then we can summarize the experience, and found […]

Compare and contrast British with American language

Each language is constantly evolving over time, and as the worldwide extensive use language, English is no exception. Today’s English can be divided into American English and British English. British English are used in Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, Ireland, South Africa. And American English used in the United States and Canada. While in a […]

Vocabulary gap

What is the phenomenon of language vocabulary vacancy. Something can be clearly expressed by some words in a language, but may difficult to express in another language. If the translator cannot understand the phenomenon of lexical gaps, which will certainly bring difficulty in cross-cultural communication. For this reason, It is necessary to research on the […]

News Headline translation

In international news reports, the English news translation occupied a large proportion. In English News, “the title is deemed to be an abbreviation of the full story”, in order to attract readers, editors often use a variety of rhetorical strategy, and strive to make the news headlines more attractive. This bring great challenges for English […]

Reverse thinking method

In order to achieve excellent translation, we are not only have to own a good English thinking habits, but also good Chinese words control ability. A high level English people, not necessarily have the good ability for translation; Likewise a high level Chinese people, not necessarily have strong ability for translation; However, a high level […]

To maintain a long term relationship with our clients

To maintain good relationship with our client is an important thing while we managing projects. A company wants to focus on the profits, but also focus on providing good customer service, then a long term relationship will be established naturally. According to the latest survey shows that, in the same product, client are willing to […]

Methods to expand vocabulary

Communication is one weapon that can help you climb the success ladder in every sphere of your life, be it your personal life or your professional life. For effective communication, you need to express your thoughts with the right words at the right time, and for this you need to have a strong vocabulary. You […]

Manage your projects efficiently

During our working times, there are always some days where you can’t seem to free your mind from all your woes. Figuring out how to unravel a busy mind can create an even bigger challenge. During high-stress moments or while accomplishing basic tasks, here are a few tricks and tips for clearing your mind, paving […]