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Spiritual Journey of Jack London (II)

In the latter half of the nineteenth century, commerce dominated the American economy. The country was seething with increasing industrialization and mechanization after the civil war and soon produced a lot of wealth, many people made amazing profits during the prosperous war-time economy. However beneath the glittering surface of prosperity, there lay depression and unhappiness. […]

Spiritual Journey of Jack London (I)

I am a lover of books, especially English novels. Among the greatest writers, Jack London, one of the most successful novelists in America in the early 20th Century, is my favorite. Jack London focused on stories about men and animals against the environment, and survival against hardships, which were drawn mainly from his own life […]

Life and Hope

Around our life, there are a large group of people always complaining about their fate. In their view, God always sets too many obstacles for them to tackle with, such as poor living conditions, lack of education, bad pays, etc.. It seems that life is too harsh to move on, so they are indulged in […]

Tragedy of A Genius

  A few months ago, I finished the masterpiece Crime and Punishment, a Russian Classical Novels written by Dostoyevsky. This title alludes to the content of this book, but what’s the meaning of The Red and the Black, book name of a French novel by Stendhal? I haven’t got get it until I carefully finished […]

Who Am I?

Who Am I? This is a much simple but quite complex question! As a little kid may know who s/he is, while most adults, especially those who were born after 1980s can’t find an answer for themselves! This generation is in deep confusion and frustration now! Unfortunately, I am a member of this frustrated generation […]

Mo Yan and His Translators

2012 witnessed the great success of Mo Yan, the first Chinese writer awarded with Nobel Prize in Literature. Since then, Mo’s works have been among the best-seller list in both Chinese and overseas markets, and the world started to pay more and more attention to Chinese culture. A lover of books, I also read some […]

Features of English Newspaper Headlines

As a window of newspapers, headlines play an extremely important role and always receive the most attention from readers. Therefore, it’s of great significance for translators to master the features of headlines. Personally, I am much fond of reading newspapers, especially English editions. Before focusing on any news article, I would start from the headline, […]


随着机动车和驾驶员的日益增多以及新交通法规的出台实施,交通安全成为了一个日益热门的话题。要做到真正的安全,对于交通规则,我们应该牢记在心。而在这国际化的时代里,作为英语翻译人员,我们更应该与时俱进,充分熟悉各种与交通有关的术语。 以下,是本人总结出来的一些公路交通专业术语,供大家学习。 靠边停车  pull over 酒驾      drunk driving 代驾      designated driver 肇事逃逸  hit and run 避免交通堵塞 Avoid the jams 让行        Yield 停车让行 Stop to yield 换挡   change gear 加速通过 speed up and pass 倒车    reverse 从路边起步 start from the roadside   此外,我们经常看到一些交通标志,虽然对其中文含义,耳熟能详,但是我们却从未想过对应的英语表达,以下是一些公路交通标示的翻译:   禁止标志: 禁喇叭 No horn. 禁闯红灯 No joywalking. 禁止通行 No passing. No Through […]


前阵子,遇到了一个有关烹饪方面的翻译。平时对这方面的英语没有多加留意,积累,所以在翻译的过程中,特意上网搜索了一些有关烹饪的英语,以及翻译技巧。之后,还从国外的一些网站上,找了一些食谱,学习学习,现总结如下: 主要的烹调方法: 煎  fry     煮  boil   蒸  steam   煨 simmer  炖, 焖  stew/braise 烘焙 bake    熏  smoke     烤 roast   烧烤 barbecue  炒  stir-fry   常用的动作 混合  blend     加(水)  add  (water)     沥干  drain     搅拌  whisk 打(鸡蛋)  beat (an egg)  倒 pour   放置  place  预热  pre-heat 腌 marinate  切碎 mince   剁chop  切片 slice   切丁  dice   主要的调料 […]


在CCJK的博客里,就翻译而言,讨论的最多的还是翻译技巧。然而在实际工作中,仅仅掌握这些理论是远远不够的。在平时的翻译工作中,我们时常发现,自己的词汇量是如此的有限,似乎局限在初高中所掌握的词汇中。冥思苦想,找不出原因,有时甚至觉得自己处于事业的瓶颈期了。   其实,这种状态归根于我们不擅于积累,总结。就笔者而言,有时拿到编辑稿时,不得不感叹,某个单词经编辑改动后,整篇文章都提高了一个水平。确实如此,对于词汇的选择,我们总是很困惑。可谓是,词汇用时,方恨少。就这种情况,Ben 曾发表过一篇名为《建立翻译语料库初探》的博客,CCJK 的同事们也正在努力地建设该语库。有感而发,笔者也开始尝试为汉译英的翻译工作者建立一个 Glossary。   关于该Glossary,笔者打算从词性入手,分别为动词,形容词,名词,副词,介词,连词等建立一个文档。以动词为例,参考结构如下 : 中文 英文 例句 出处 相关连接 下降下跌 dip to China’s annual economic growth dipped to 7.4 percent in the third quarter Reuters http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/12/05/us-china-economy-gdp-idUSBRE8B404W20121205 ease China’s annual consumer inflation eased to 1.7 percent Reuters http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/12/05/us-china-economy-gdp-idUSBRE8B404W20121205 decline Wall Street declined, as did European markets at their close and Brent […]