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FRN Language Translation Case Study

Private Client FRN wants to localize and update their operation manuals for all products (such as Radar, GPS/Chart Plotter, Fish Finder, Sonar, Autopilot, Monitor and so on) in multi-lingual languages: Chinese simplified, Chinese Traditional, Thai, and Vietnamese. Meanwhile, the client also needs to make Desktop Publishing for

Project document management and backup

Document management of all Translation and DTP projects is the basis of the whole project which can be carried out smoothly. Good document management can help to store all project-related documents, and effectively prevent loss of any information. Based on the commonality of all projects, well-trained project managers usually predefine a set of project file structure and apply into all projects, and project members are asked to store the related documents in the appropriate folder as per agreed practices. This do helps project managers to effectively control and manage the documents.

About Multitasking

It requires the capability to make good multitasking. If all these things can be handled properly, you can successfully push a couple of things going well smoothly. This is good multitasking. Bad multitasking is anything but smooth. It’s the dropping of work on one task before it is finished in order to start another, only to stop and begin yet another task or go back to a previous task, making all things going badly. How to make good multitasking? Here are some tips just for reference. Hope it will do some help.

Common Terminology About DTP

When we handle DTP projects, we will meet some special term used in this field besides the terms about all kinds of DTP tools. We need to know the meaning of these terms, thus it helps to get smooth communication with the clients and show us profession. Below are some common terminologies we can frequently meet in the DTP project.

How to Annotate Comments in PDF File

In our daily work, Acrobat is frequently used, especially for DTP projects. As a project manager, you need to report anything unclear or queries to get the client’s confirmation, sometimes it is not easy to express your queries in words, or it will cause confusion in words, then to annotate in PDF file is the good way to help you to express yourself clearly. As a translator, you will always be requested to review the whole file and annotate your review changes directly in PDF file for DTP updates. Please see below for how to use Acrobat to make annotation: