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Movie localization

Bringing a movie or TV show to a new international audience is more than just translating the text. It needs to adapt text, images, cultural references and sounds to fit the wants and needs of a different viewership. Network buzzwords frequently appeared in the Chinese subtitles of foreign movie with a great flood of power […]

The translations of “I love you” from Zhenhuan, Master Asia and Tang Priest

        Japanese writer Natsume Soseki once asked his students to translate “I love you”, some student translated into“我爱你”. Natsume said, how could that come from the Japanese, “今夜月色很好” is enough.   This anecdote suddenly became the kuso example for netizens yesterday. The most popular imperial concubine Zhenhuan, Ling and Master Asia in […]

Suggestion for translators from translation master

  Here are some suggestion for translators given by translation master Lu jiaxiang. 1. As a translator, you should: Read Chian Daily, Beijing Review, Times, Economist regularly; Learn science and social knowledge of various industries to be a “know it all”; Develop a solid foundation both in Chinese and English. 2.As a translator, you should be […]

Several practices to improve writing skill

Having gathered some methods about how to improve writing skill, apply to both English and Chinese. 1. Transcription. This can exert a subtle influence on our writing thinking, we can therefore master the correct use of words and sentences. How to do it? In the first place, the material used to be transcribed should be […]

The types and training of interpreting

Speaking of translator, interpreting comes to mind of most people, although its market share is just 10% in translation industry. We take the thought that interpreting occupation equals to high income for granted, is this true? What is the cost behind the bright lights? What is the profession’s present situation? And how new people get […]

Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese & E-C Translation Ⅱ

     Extension to the right or left      In fact, every level of English language including phrases, sentences, complex sentences, presents the form of extension to the right, in other words, put the modifiers in front of noun, for instance, parties concerned, sum total. At the same time, Chinese presents the form of extension to […]

Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese & E-C TranslationⅠ

Understanding the linguistic thinking of both Chinese and English is a good way to promote language comprehension, avoid Chinglish and improve translating ability. Today we are talking about Chinese and English sentence structure comparison and their translation countermeasures.      Generally speaking, English focuses on hypotaxis while Chinese focuses on parataxis. More specifically, English sentences connect […]

Localization Service and CCJK

Why we need localization? Since China joined WTO, the level of opening up continuing improvement, the communication and cooperation between various industries and outside world becoming more and more frequent, the related foreign materials, websites, software need docking with local culture and environment. Then localization industry emerged last century 90’s as new industry. Localization service […]

Experiences in Quality Improvement in En-Ch Translation

Since the day March 5th, 2012, I have been a translator for more than three months. During the period, I increasingly realized translating is a job need to be done by heart. Sometimes it’s your patience decide the quality of delivery rather than your knowledge. It’ easy to assess the translating job, just two index […]