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Hugo Boss EN-SCH, TCH, JP Case Study

  About The Project The service is We are starting with the translation project “HUGO BOSS SOM Store Operations Manual” and the next chapter for HUGO BOSS: People Management. Client’s Requirements Translate 20+17 files (Excel and Word) from English into the following languages:  –          Japanese –          Chinese (traditional) –          Chinese (simplidied)  There have to be translated around 25,000 words. For […]

Research on keeping optimistic

Why are some people always optimistic? Even when faced with the bleak reality , some people are still able to keep optimism , a recent study might be able to explain why. “Nature – Neuroscience”, a study released on October 9 , said the brain is very good at processing good news relating to the […]

SAP EN – 10 Asian Languages Case Study

About The Project The service is Translation into ZF,ZH,HI,IN,MA,JA,KO,TA,TH,VI for SAP Client’s Requirements The job is again requested for chemical safety data sheets of SAP! NOTE: Project 7438 Please replace the given English phrase in column E by the translation. Project 5116 First of all, find the correct line for your working language. e.g. Norwegian in line 9.Then please check […]

Understanding of HTML Semantization II

In the blog Understanding of HTML SemantizationI, I talked about the first reason why we should use semantization. Now I continue to discuss the following 2 reasons for using semantization and how we use it. 2. The code is more concise, of higher re-usability. By using appropriate tags, we will write much less css or js. It […]

Understanding of HTML Semantization I

“Semantization (语义化)”, I think we have seen this word for a lot of times, especially in some of the recruitment advertisements. In fact, every time when I see them, I have a feeling that those recruiting companies are only copying them. They simply can not tell and don’t value what semantization really is. And I […]


最近网路上掀起流行语神翻译的风潮,在此分享给大家,博大家饭后一笑: 一、最热的文言文风潮: 1. 富贾,可为吾友乎?(土豪我们做朋友吧) 2. 寡人果如其母之聪慧。(我他妈太机智了) 3. 尔等果如其母戏寡人欤?(你他妈在逗我) 4. 寡人与众爱卿皆瞠目结舌。(我和我的小伙伴们都惊呆了) 5. 睡于棺。(卧槽) 6. 汝何如停疗?(何弃疗?) 7. 寡人倍感爱之所失。(缺爱) 8. 贰叁叁叁叁叁叁叁叁叁叁叁叁。(2333333333333) 9. 天降异象于前。(前方高能) 10. 金城烧饼。(兰州烧饼) 11. 此人必定无妻终生。(屌丝注定孤独一生) 12. 王汝母。(王尼玛) 13. 汝等真可谓丧心病狂也。(你们真是丧心病狂) 14. 寡人尝于岁前购得西洋钟表一块(。我去年买了个表) 15. 此其母之何等伏枥。(我他妈好忧伤) 16. 吾视汝之面容,欲刃之。(我看你这样就想给你一刀) 17. 寡人未知“膝为矢所伤”所言何意,及寡人之膝为矢所伤。(我膝盖中了一箭) 18. 君甚屌,家翁可知?(你那么屌,你爸妈知道吗?)这句翻译的版本也可以有多样。例如“你那么天真,你爸妈知道吗?”可翻译成“君甚愚,令尊知否?”,也可为“汝之愚,乃父闻乎?” 二、神英中互译疯: 还有更多搞笑句子可以在网络上搜索。说它错,也没错,让人忍俊不禁。这就是语言的神奇。如果运用灵活,无论是工作还是生活,无疑能给我们带来很多益处,传递幽默和正能量!

Beautiful Song – If You Want Me

从来没有任何一部电影的原声能这样打动我,Once 是不同的。 我没有听过这样平静悠扬却美丽动人的歌声。她只是个卖花的女人,带着孩子,姑娘都不算,生活困窘,却在平凡的生活中,唱出、过出她的伟大。这真是一首太美的歌。 Are you really here or am I dreaming? I can’t tell dream from truth For it’s been so long Since I have seen you I can hardly remember your face anymore 你真的在这里么,还是只是我在做梦。 我已经分辨不出梦境和现实的区别, 因为我已经太久太久没有见到你, 因为我已经记不清你的面孔。 很久前,也曾在梦中,梦到很久很久以前喜欢过的人(或是喜欢人的这种感觉?),“他”依旧眉目清朗但是身形模糊。曾多少次在下雨时,想着或许能与“他”相遇。但是那是那么久前的回忆,现在只有在听到这首歌时,才会想起,才会在繁忙工作之余,偶尔祭奠一下这样的感觉、矛盾激进而又郁闷的青春。 When I get pretty lonely And the distance causes only silence I think of you smiling […]

Movies that relate to English learning I

Watching movies to learn English is always a custom for most English learners. However, English is learned not only from the plot of the movie, but mostly from the words, phrases and sentences in the movie. Movie is  a kind of media that synchronizes audio and video and requires people’s vision and hearing simultaneously. Using […]