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Case Study: Source File Re-drafted Project

About the project: We received a Word file from client and it needed to be translated from English to Simplified Chinese. Words count was about 17,000 words. The content was on tourism. We handled the project as usual: created term list and new TM, translated with Trados, edited by second translator and proofread by a […]

Case Study: Monthly Project (for Christian)

For monthly project, both the consistency between different orders and the steady in quality are important. We use Trados 2011 to handle this kind of monthly project and update TM after the translation of every order. Glossary is also necessary in keeping consistency. Client offer a glossary form and our translators add new ones while […]

Case Study: Offering Customer-oriented Service

In order to assist international business, business translation arises. For business translation, the most important thing is to offer customer-oriented service and help customers’ business go ahead smoothly; otherwise, the service is bad. About the project: Source files: more than 10 Word files converted from PDF; Language pair: English to Simplified Chinese; English source words […]

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year begins and everyone makes promises to improve themselves which is called New Year’s resolutions. Someone likes to them write down, others keep them in mind. This year, I don’t want to make resolutions that are too big and general to follow through on. I hope that my resolutions are specific, measurable, or realistic […]

Case Study-Certificates Translation

In today’s global economy, as the appearances of immigrants, foreign worker and foreign travelers, the demand for certificates translation is growing. How to providing accurate, high quality certificates translation with high-speed? It is a question. Making summary in our daily work and find better solution is always our pursuit and also a way to solve […]

Successful Case Study – Test Translation

One of our client requested free test translation for a large potential project from English to Simplified Chinese for about 100,000 words. Source file was MS Word. Delivery formats were clean and unclean files. CAT Tool should be Trados. Delivery time was two business days. Translation with high quality was the most important requirement from […]