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Translator Witnesses the Coming of Future Trend

As a translator, I think, one of his or her best benefits falls into the chance to get themselves familiar with new concepts and to witness the coming of some future trends. As we all know, technology has been developing at its full speed in recent years, resulting our immersing in a technological world. A […]

A Joke Played by Google

http://www.google.com.hk/intl/zh-CN/landing/teleport/, the attached link is provided by Google on this April Fool’s Day. A friend shares a link with me. I was attracted by the super and some mysterious idea introduced on the website. It talks about a new online search way. Google named it as Adventure Search through Space and Time. In fact, this […]

Let’s Embrace Our Own Identity

Recently, Dr Carlo Strenger of Tel Aviv University warned that the phenomenon of young people yearning to become a celebrity pop star or a movie star is wreaking havoc with our self-image and undermining our sense of self-worth. Since 10 years ago, he has been focusing on an interdisciplinary project on such star dreams cherished […]

A Professional Translator in My Eyes

First, I’d like to mention that the concept of translator I will discuss in the passage is only limited to experts who handle written translations. There is no doubt that a translator must be skilled at native language and his foreign language. Reading and writing are two top priorities for him or her to handle […]