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Traditional Chinese Translation

In the mainland, as we began to use simplied Chinese Character in 1950s, traditional Chinese characte mainly exist the materials before this age. Also, traditonal Chinese is mainly used in Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and some places of overseas. As the communication between these areas and overseas is smoothly conducted all of the years, the translation […]

School Translation vs. Professional Translation

Translation activity (interpreting and translation) takes place in several types of environments and can be categorized into several types including the following: School translation is the most widespread and best known type of translation − virtually everyone experiences it in school when learning a foreign language. Translation for one’s private practical purposes is another case. […]

Simplified Chinese Translation Services

Since the implement of policy of opening and reform in China, China’s economy is developing in a speed which is higher than the average of the world and even the western advanced countries. In the 21th century, China will continue emphasizing the introduction of foreign capital, of international talents and of technology. At the same […]