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What Are the Elements of “Good Leadership”Ⅱ?

Adapt to Changes We are leaving in an ever-changing world. It is essential for leader to fully consider all the possible changing elements when making strategies for the team, and adjust or replenish his strategies according to any emergency situations. Unforeseen problems may happen any time during a project. Good leaders are flexible and adaptive […]

What Are the Elements of “Good Leadership”?

  Introduction To produce good crops from earth, there will be several essential elements. Farmer needs to sow the proper seeds on the superficial layer of the earth. The seeds must have plenty of sunlight and water so they can sprout, blossom and yield fruit. If any of these elements (seeds, earth, sunlight, and water) […]

Leadership (2)

Influence Obviously, it is impossible for business leaders to control everyone, but they can have an influence on nearly every people they want. In my point of view, a leader is one who knows the way, who shows the way and who goes the way while influencing others to accompany and assist him to fulfill […]


Before discussing what are the elements of “good leadership”, it is essential to make it clear what do leaders do. Leadership has been described as the “process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”.[1] We can see that the leadership […]

What are the most important principles in good diversity management? (2)

Stereotyping in diversity management In the workplace stereotyping is also hinder employees to find their strength better. Maureen Gorham’s (1999, pp. 163-164) Communicating Across Cultures tells us that, “Stereotypes distort intergroup communication because they lead people to base their messages, their ways of transmitting them and their reception of them on false assumptions.” That means […]

What are the most important principles in good diversity management?

Diversity management is a part of human resource management, it through management diversity organization to gain the benefit form the differences. It differences between traditional value and the policy base of equal opportunities. Rajvinder Kandola and Joanna Fullerton‟s (1998) the course of the management by diversity is an acceptance that the employees consists of people […]