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Online Advertisement Voiceover Case Study

About the project The Client is a team of online digital specialists dedicated to help promote business on the web with SEO, PPC and Social Media. They would like to have a female voice talent to record a short (last for 20 seconds) online advertisement. It will be used for online advertising in the mainland […]

Pharmacology Regulatory Documentation Linguistic Review Case Study

About the project The client has a set of pharmacology documents that need to be reviewed. The documentation is intended for submission to National regulatory authority in order to gain approval to market the pharmaceutical product. As the files contained lots of medicine, pharmacology and chemistry terms, we must make sure that all terms are translated consistently […]

Sue Ryder Case Study

About the project The Client has an English guide to bereavement that need to be translated into Hongkong Chinese. The translation is going to get a lot of exposure. It will be on public display and will be read by a lot of people. Needs to be perfect and convey an accessible, friendly, supportive feel […]

Employee Magazine Translation Case Study

  About the project   The client has 10000 words of employee magazine that need to be translated from German into Simplified Chinese. Each headline and paragraph must be keep with the limited length, which is less than the max number of characters including space. This is important that the translation fits into the layout […]

XTM Medical Questionnaire Localization Case Study

About the project The client has an English questionnaire (it is about “understanding clinical practices / experiences and perceptions of company therapeutic leadership”.) that need to be translated into Thaiwan Traditional Chinese. This project will be done by a new CAT online tool, which is called XTM. All the translation will be completed within 1.5 […]

Rhubarb Fool Media Ltd Case Study

About the project The client wants to develop a suite of marketing products booklet in multi-lingual print. The language is including Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Thai and Arabic. Indesign CS5 will be applied in this Desktop publishing project. There have ten pages in total as per the indesign pages.   Challenge This multilingual typesetting project should […]