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Estonian Translation Services (For Reference only)

I. Economic Environment As a member of the European Union, Estonia’s economy is rated as high income by the World Bank. Beginning 1 January 2011, Estonia adopted the euro and became the 17th euro-zone member state. Estonia today is mainly influenced by developments in Finland, Sweden and Germany – the three main trade partners. The […]

How to create Trados TM using Microsoft Excel

Recently I was handing a project that has a high repeat rate in between 3 files. I used trados to analyze the files and generated some texts with a repeat rate lower than 99%. A word file with these texts is generated and I further made it into a form with source language on the […]

2011 Summary

2011 Summary It’s been 5 months since I joined CCJK in August 2011. Undoubtedly the past 5 months is quite fruitful for me and I’ve really learned a lot. In the first week I learnt about basic operation and use of CCJK BO system, shortly afterwards I began to take over the very first project, […]

Email example sharings in handling customer complaints part 2

Email example sharings in handling customer complaints part 2 Client Email 3 Hi Cecilia I understand your concerns about the payment deduction, as this is a measure that I also don’t wish to take. I have run a Compare Document on the translation you originally gave me and the final translation, and I’ve attached them […]

Email example sharings in handling customer complaints part 1

Email example sharings in handling customer complaints part 1 It can be really annoying and frustrating in receiving complaints of job quality from clients and it seems we have no choice but to accept their request of price deduction, especially if they are pointing out that the errors in the translation has brought “severe negative […]

Trans – Red Butterfly (Lyrics )

雨水冷洗情不会淡 Cold and heavy rain will not wash away memories 猛风再吹而不散 Even though fierce wind keeps blowing 愁云和月之间 也不孤单 You won’t be alone, even we were surounded by moon and gloomy clouds 你足以傾城的兩眼 较花与草还璀璨 Your eyes were shining, brighter than the fragrance of grass and flowers 然而眉目恍惚飘散有一丝慨叹 However, you looked a bit trance while I sensed your deep and […]

Trans – Purpose of Translation part II

The fourth ancient purpose is to translate the world’s great books, the universal works in which the human spirit is enshrined and lives: poetry, ogy, sociology and politics, of individual and social behavior. These are the works which, in principle, should be retranslated for each generation, where the universal outweighs the cultural.

Trans – Purpose of Translation part I

Translation is linked with an awareness of democratic potential: it is a weapon against obscurantism, the realization that the material, social and cultural inequalities often associated with ethnic and linguistic group as have to be at least drastically reduced.