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Japanese Resources

We all have the opinion that our BO system is powerful, especially when we want to find a rare resource. Almost every language in the world is included in our BO system and we have related translators in different fields. Then you must believe our work is very easy. Actually, it is not so ideal. […]

To Solve A Small Problem When Failing In Cleaning TTX Files

Have you ever come across a problem when you are cleaning a ttx file? First, You drag the file to the left blank area when cleaning the file. Then you click Generating Translation. A red warning occurred at the bottom of the window. It means it cannot find the route for the file. At first, […]

PM Operation Manual Guide

For each project, we have much to do from accepting a project to the final delivery, such as quotation, project details and requirements for delivery. Sometimes we just contact directly with our client. However, it becomes confused what our responsibilities are. Our company does not have a job standard for PMs. Therefore, if a sales […]

How To Convert PDF to Word File

Have you ever faced with an embarrassing situation? When your client assigned you a PDF file or several PDF files for translation, you will be annoyed when you see the files, because this format is hard to use when doing translation, especially it requires using the tool of Trados. I know you have done such […]

Introducing Some Functions On Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a tool for reading PDF files. It has many advantages. Firstly, it cannot be edited so if you do not want another person to change the content, you’d better send a PDF file to him/her. Then, it is very useful when you want to do marks in PDFs without changing the […]

Some More Methods On Cleaning Word and Comparison Function In Word

I don’t know what happened to my Trados these days. When I clean word files with Trados, it usually warns “(-247467259): This file cannot be processed as TTX because it was saved as a bilingual document in Word”. At first, I thought it was something wrong with the documents. So I just deleted all the […]

Negative client feedbacks

During these days, we are facing with clients’ negative feedbacks. Some clients are arguing about bad translation quality. Some say our translation levels do not meet their standards, for example, we get 98.8% grades while they require above 99%. What’s more, some clients complain the layout are not the same as the original files. What […]

Sending Effective Emails

Sending emails have always been problems in our jobs, such as sending emails to clients, to RM, to translators and so on. Different emails have different requirements. If we write an email well, our target will not only get all the information, but also be happy to read it, because it takes little time. When […]

The Rtf Format Is Helpful

Sometimes I just get annoyed with my Trados tool. It is helpful when we are doing translation project. But if I cannot clean files it becomes bothering me. As Most of the jobs I am responsible require the usage of Trados tool. When I handle projects, I have to deliver clean files to my client […]

To Formulate An Interaction Between PM And Sales Person

It is obvious that PMs are ingaging in assigning tasks and delivering finished projects to customers, while sales persons are busy with finding customers and working opportunities. They did different job in their positions. The two positions seem to be no same points in work. However, in my opinion, to formulate an interaction between PM […]