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French Film Review: Gare du Nord

French Film Review Gare du Nord If you’ve ever been to Paris, the chances are that you’ve passed through the Gare du Nord. It’s said to be the busiest railway station in Europe, welcoming around 190 million travellers each year. That’s a whole lot of people. It’s also the eponymous subject of a new film […]

how to use the email to promote our business

Enhancing E-mail Customer Service The advent of e-mail has been a major boon to small and mid-sized businesses, which can now keep in contact with customers in a more personal way and on a more regular basis. E-mail is considered the fastest-growing customer service channel, as a Jupiter Research study forecasts it will jump from […]

Promote the Sale By Social Media

Just a few short years ago, job titles such as “Social Media Specialist,” “Social Media Marketing Manager,” and “Blogger/Social Media Content Writer” were unheard of, and the idea that such grand titles could be held while working at home in your pajamas would have been far-fetched. Now, however, with approximately one out of every 13 […]