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Word typographic skills collection (Part Two)

S, Word startup parameter profile Click “Start -> Run” command, then enter the path and parameter determination Word to run, such as “C:PROGRAM FILESMICROSOFT OfficeOffice 10WINWord.EXE /n”, these commonly used parameters and functions are as follows: / n: start Word does not create a new file. / a: General plug-ins and templates ban starts automatically. […]

Word typographic skills collection (Part One)

replaces text with pictures first of all, copy the pictures to the Clipboard, and then open the Replace dialog box. In the find what box, enter the text that will be replaced, and then type “^c” in the replace with box. (Note: input must be half-width characters, c to lower case), click replace. Description: “^c” means instruction WORD contents to the Clipboard.

Experience on DTP project management

Experience on DTP project management Recently, I am responsible for a long-term DTP project. At the beginning, the job seems very difficult for me and I even don’t know where should I begin with for that project. After dealing with some of them, now I am feeling much familiar with it. And Here I would […]

General Introduction to DTP

General Introduction to DTP The DTP is short for desktop publishing. The meaning of DTP is also same as desktop publishing. The DTP contains the functions of a text typesetting, a color separation images, the graphics editor synthesis, the creative design and  the output color pictures or color separation. The DTP is very simple and […]

How to use ApSIC Xbench

How to use ApSIC Xbench Xbench is a checking tool. This tools can quickly generate a report about the quality of your translation work, especially for localized uniformity checking. Or you can check the error one by one yourself. Of course, the report only gives you a suggestion, but not every error is your fault. […]

English translation of advertising principles and theories

English translation of advertising principles and theories   As an application language, advertising is the communication media and widely used in today’s society to exchange or express information. In order to make the ad attract the instant reader’s attention and stimulate their desire to buy production, service and so on, many ads are made by […]

How to be good translator?

How to be good translator? Not only learning a foreign language well can translate well,  and their mother tongue skills also determine the quality of the translation. If you cannot be good at the Chinese, you cannot also be good at English translation. I think, to be a good translator, the following views are worth […]

Localization Project Management Stages

Localization projects, different from the normal, due to the need for localization clients usually want to withdraw the product in various markets worldwide, so the project tended to cover a multi-lingual scale. Taking the market in Asian for example, customer often requirements for localization of the target language to be Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, which names as CCJK. Therefore, the typical feature for the Localization projects is that one project includes sub projects. To some extends, it will make the project getting tough.

Common Localization Term and Explainations

Common Localization Term and Explainations

There are many terms will appear in the localization projects, and the most commonly used ones will be showed in this blog:

UTF-8: UTF-8 is 8-bit Unicode Transfer Format, and it is the Unicode format.

Windows Help, WinHelp: It will help RTF format and bitmap to create Help for windows.

Build Enviroment: it will help the software to compile the applications for software.