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North Korea and Language

According to a recent research, a convinced degree removes the function of protection that covers North Korea. In other collectivist nations the study of a foreign language may not be occupied as a substance of prestige, however, it is obligatory for all students in enclosed North Korea, from primary through secondary school. This does not […]

Communicate differently!

In this era of social media and smart phones, we can’t think of a world where access to information isn’t quick and instant. Information can be of various kinds which include texts, images, videos and multiple digital media content. The amazing part is that all this information is shared at the speed no one could […]

How alphabets came into being?

Nowadays, everyone take everything for granted, we use all at our disposal without thinking a little about how these actually came into existence. Sometimes it is necessary to look into history and origins of how and where things come from. One of such things has to do directly with language, the way we connect and […]

Basic Italian Words

If you are travelling to Italy for the first time and have no idea about the Italian language and dialects spoken there; have no worries. Below are some of the common phrases and words in Italian to ensure you have an exciting trip without feeling alien or lost. Thank you – Grazie. Thank you very […]

Facts and Figures About the Italian Language

When in Italy you are probably under the impression that everyone is speaking Italian, huh well not really 🙁 In fact people in Italy speak several different languages in Italy, as well as a number of dialects. So if you have questions like: Where is Italian spoken? How many Italian speakers are there? What other […]

Locale Differences in Written Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)?

Modern Standard Arabic is nearly spoken in all Arab countries. However, there are some basic local variances among different countries. The most prominent cases are: 1. Calendars. All Arab countries use calendars differently. Some of the Gulf countries, for example Saudi Arabia uses the Hijri Islamic calendar, which is a lunar calendar consisting of 12 […]

They Don’t Speak Only Italian in Italy?

Now, in the modern times, it is quite easy to speak Italian. Standard Italian is quite easy to speak just think back to when Italy was unified: 1861! Until then, what we now call Italy was just lots of different states, and each one had their own language or dialect. For several reasons like its […]

Importance of Arabic Language Content

Arabic language is one of the most important online language and there has been a significance increase in on-line Arabic content and the most common challenges to Arabic Translation and Localization. The internet usage has grown faster in Arabic-speaking regions compared to elsewhere since 2000, Arabic on-line content is still inexplicably small associated to other […]

Dutch: Full of ‘Historical Junk’

  The Dutch language comprises of many useless components, making it difficult and complex to use, according to research by linguist Sterre Leufkens. Dutch, compared to 21 non-European languages, including Bantawa, Samoan and Egyptian Arabic, has the most unnecessary grammatical elements and rules. Dutch is complicated and long-winded according to survey. Take, for example, the […]