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On the spot effect of site translation

With different aims and audiences, the site translation shall comply with different stands and apply different methods accordingly. Let’s take the site translation of poems for example. The site translation of poems should first obey the rules of faithfulness,but then it should produce an effect with strong appeal to the audiences, which means the translation […]

Deutsch Translation Services at CCJK

Deutsch, as an elaborate and meticulous language, has many inflexions and parts of speech alterations. In fact the translation of Deutsch is systematic as it conforms to stable structure of the sentence and collocations. Here I’d like to use a case to show the translation of germany, i.e. Deutsch. Den Jungs geht es ganz gut, […]

On the Translation of Chinese Culture-loaded Words from the Perspective of Domestication and Foreignization

Culture-loaded words– also known as “lexical gap”—refers to that the information the words in the source language carried have no equivalents in the target language. And the characteristics of the culture-loaded words make it difficult to find the corresponding words and expressions in the target language in the process of their translation. Meanwhile, while translating […]