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Photography Translation – Civic Life Shooting Tips

Civic life photography is an interesting and also inspiring kind for photographers, it has a very long history and made many photography fans photographers, it shows us everyday life through the lens, of course a new angle compared to normal ways. It has another name which is more common, street photography.


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Horizontal And Virtical View

As we know, our eyes are set horizontally across from each other, this gives our human being a wider view instead of taller, and also allows us to be more aware of the environment through peripheral vision.

How To Avoid Bad Foregrounds

Just like background issue, angle and depth of field are your two best options for making up a bad foreground. When you use depth of field to avoid a bad foreground, there are two limits: how close you keep from your object and the size of the object.

Bird photography II

While giving a close look in the image, to keep the eyes of the birds in focus is extremely important for a blurry eye will make the entire image looks unfocused. With wings and wingtips blurring, the photo can still be powerful.

Bird photography I

Bird is big branch of animal, which dated much more longer ago than human being. Birds are favorite subjects for photographers around the world. Many people overestimated the difficulty of bird photography,

Animal Photos II

Life circle is consisted of plants and animals, the variety and color they bring to the world have shown the great power of our creator, God. There are millions of animals around the world, however we can only see a small part of them in everyday life,

Animal Photos I

Whether it be a family dog, cat, hamster or tiny insects, brightly feathered birds or wild animals such as monkeys or elephants, they are always perfect subjects for the photographers who love them very much.

Shooting Flowers II

We usually take flowers as static subjects since they cannot run or move whenever we approach, they just stay where they are for all day and night, they don’t attempt to bite you even if you get real close, oh we are not talking about corpse flower, are we?

Shooting Flowers I

One of the most used static subjects is flower, for many people, actually these beautiful things are their favorite type of photography. Flowers are of every kind of colors, naturally adorable thing for cameras and photographers, in addition to their variable shapes, sizes. They represent happiness.