Another high for Wall Street

Q: Another high for Wall Street? A: Yes, indeed. Despite rising oil prices and the fall in Chinese stocks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average inched up 8.21 points to close at an all-time high of 13,676.32 while the broader S&P 500 gained 2.84 points to 1,539.18, also its all-time high. The Nasdaq composite ended in positive territory as well, up 4.37 to a new six-year high of 2,618.29. Cautious observers continue to highlight possible negative catalysts that could send the markets lower 10-year note yield going above 5%, a big surge in oil prices or signs of higher inflation  but for now, Wall Street seems bent on breaking records. Oil had jumped above US$66 a barrel on news that a cyclone was headed towards the oil-producing Arabian peninsular with the potential to disrupt shipping and output, but top exporter Saudi Arabia said its oil facilities were likely to be unaffected while fellow OPEC member, the United Arab Emirates, appeared to be outside the path of the storm. 问:华尔街续创新高? 答:是的。尽管油价上涨和中国股市暴跌,道琼斯工业平均指数依然小幅上升8.21点,收于13,676.32点历史新高。范围较广的标 准普尔500指数涨2.84点,同样创出1,539.18点的历史记录。纳斯达克综合指数亦以上涨作收,升4.37点,再创六年新高2,618.29点。 一些谨慎的观察人士继续强调潜在的负面因素可能会拖累市场的走势,例如十年期票据的孳息已经突破5%,油价大涨或是通胀加剧的 迹象,但是从目前来看,华尔街似乎对连破记录乐此不彼。有消息指一场飓风正向石油出产地阿拉伯半岛吹袭,有可能造成生产和运 输中断,这令油价跃升至每桶66美元以上,不过头号出口国沙特却表示,其产油设施不大可能受到影响,而OPEC成员国阿联酋似乎也 能躲过飓风的吹袭路径。

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