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一盏离愁 孤单伫立在窗口
All alone in wait by the window,
Stands a sad lamp in parting sorrow.

我在门后 假装你人还没走
To linger behind an unbelieving gate,
Isn't my longing gaze all but too late?

旧地如重游 月圆更寂寞
Lonelier is the moon full and cold,
Bitter still is when an old love retold.

夜半清醒的烛火 不忍苛责我
A midnight candle struggles to keep awake,
Isn't a sleepless grief all but my mistake?

一壶漂泊 浪迹天涯难入喉
To the end of the world I drift,
With a pot of wine too heavy to lift.

你走之后 酒暖回忆思念瘦
The wine revives a memory thin and thick.
Doesn't it warm up all but a heart so love-sick?

水向东流 时间怎么偷
How can I bear to steal the hour
As water flows east to catch a flower,

花开就一次成熟 我却错过
Soon blooming, soon withering, and so forgotten
Didn't my life miss all but a fateful blossom?

谁在用琵琶弹奏 一曲东风破
Who played over a lute amid east breezes,
Heart torn apart and tune falling into pieces?

岁月在墙上剥落 看见小时候
A weary wall stands peeling and silent.
Doesn't it remind all but an age innocent?

Youthful hours are no more and passed.
Am I alone holding to bygones fast?

而如今琴声幽幽 我的等候你没听过
In vain is the music blown to float.
Isn’t my wait all but a sobbing note?

谁在用琵琶弹奏 一曲东风破
Never could the same lute ever play
A tune long gone and blown far away.

枫叶将故事染色 结局我看透
Maples live for a moment bright and brief.
Wouldn’t our story come to all but a grief?

Beyond hedges an ancient path forgot the time
When we walked along with your hand in mine.

荒烟漫草的年头 就连分手都很沉默
Parting words speak less than a silent tear.

Isn’t memory all but smoky grass far and near?



听了杰伦最后那段即兴的“啦儿啦”,就以为这是一首很“任性” 的歌?你太肤浅啦!其实,这首歌的歌词才是比逼格更有逼格的存在,其中的用典俯拾即是,或出自《诗经》、或引自《红楼梦》,时不时还能看见李白诗歌的影子。而译典故,更是对翻译实力的终极考验之一,下面这位大神的译本就为我们提供了一种方法:直译名词保留歌词原意,通过意译和补译让译文更贴近原文的意 境,一起来欣赏吧~

狼牙月 伊人憔悴
A crescent moon, cold and gray,
Is when my fair lady pines away

我举杯 饮尽了风雪
A cup in my hand,
Downing snow and wind of all kind

是谁打翻前世柜 惹尘埃是非
Who upsets my former life
Stirring up dust and grief?

缘字诀 几番轮回
Our fate is already written down,
No matter how many times it goes round.

你锁眉 哭红颜唤不回
Hard and sad you wrinkle your brows
Crying over beauty fading like the hours.

纵然青史已经成灰 我爱不灭
Even if history goes up in ashes
My love never ever dies.

繁华如三千东流水 我只取一瓢爱了解 只恋你化身的蝶
Of all the bustling waters flowing east in thousands
I only take one scoop to bear in minds
Obsessed with the butterfly
Flapping in your after life.

你发如雪凄美了离别 我焚香感动了谁
Hair flowing, snow falling,
It takes beauty and sorrow to make a parting.
Whose heart is touched when incenses are burnt?

邀明月 让回忆皎洁 爱在月光下完美
Inviting the moon to light up a past,
full, and bright, the love shall ever last.

你发如雪纷飞了眼泪 我等待苍老了谁
Your hair flows as the snow falls
Scattering away hot tears
Who, in my wait, has advanced in years?

红尘醉 微醺的岁月 我用无悔刻永世爱你的碑
Slightly drunken is the worldly Red Dust;
Regret-it-not is the memorial ever carved in my heart.


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