Adjectives and Adverbs in English and Chinese Translation

Adjectives and Adverbs in English and Chinese Translation Adjectives Plays a very important part in English, it can take the place of verbs, nouns or adverbs in certain circumstances. It is so flexible as a preposition. By contrast, adjectives in Chinese are not so flexible. Example 1 I am much abroad in my guess. Translation: 我大错特错。 Example 2 In this country, sex between consenting adults is nobody else’s business. Translation: 这个国家两性关系比较随便,成年人之间只要两厢情愿,谁也管不着。 Example 3 这个国家滥伐森林,造成生态失调。 Translation: Ecological imbalance has shadowed the country because of its being prodigal of its forests.  Example 4 他初出茅庐,没有什么经验。  Translation: He is a green hand. Adverbs in English are also powerful. Some of them are rather informatic, thus we could translate it as a separate sentence. Example 5. Jordan can not politely turn down the invitation to an Arabic foreign ministers conference. Translation: 约旦若拒绝接受阿拉伯外交会议的邀请,它在礼貌上也说不过去。 Example 6. Basically, the theory proposed, among other things, that the maximum speed possible in the universe is that of lights. Translation: 就其基本内容而言,这一学说提出的论点包括:光速是宇宙中最快的速度。 Example 7. 这听起来像是童话故事,但它确是真人真事,不相信也无济于事。 Translation: It sounded like a fairy tale-but it was all too brutally real. Example 8 Translation from English to Chinese is not as easy as that from English into Chinese. Translation:  英译汉不如汉译英容易。 Example 9 During his visit to China, the Korean foreign minister conferred with his Chinese counterpar a number of times. Translation:  在中国访问期间,韩国外交部长与中国外交部长举行了数次会面。 Example 10 Electrical charges of a similar kind repel each other and those that are dissimilar attract. Translation: 同性电荷相斥,异性电荷相吸。 Example 11 She compares the new edition with the old ones. Translate: 她把新版本同几种老版本作了比较。

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