Jack Ma: “Football is round”

Jack Ma “足球是圆的,跑动的是意志、体力,展示的是平时的训练和配合的艺术,但滚动的却是运气。” "Football is round. When players run on the field, they rely on their will and physical strength, and demonstrate their training and cooperation art in their daily days, but their winning depends on their luck." ——在现场观看了广州恒大赢球却被淘汰出亚冠的比赛之后,阿里巴巴创始人马云表示有遗憾没失望。 - After watching the live game where Guangzhou Evergrande F.C have won but is eliminated from the AFC Champions League on the spot, Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, expresses that there is regret, but no disappointment. “无论你之前跟这群青少年讨论是什么跟服饰相关的话题,最终他们总是能把话题引回到iPhone 6。” "Whether you discuss any topics on clothing with this group of adolescents, ultimately they are always able to lead the conversation back to the iPhone 6." ——国外媒体认为对于现在的青少年来说,服饰已经不再是他们眼中代表潮流的首要对象,取而代之的则是那些拿在手里的科技产品。 - Foreign media believes that for nowaday teenagers, clothing is no longer the primary object that represents the trend in their eyes; instead, it is the technology product in their hands. “虽然觉得一个退休的人其实不需要获奖什么的,但是仍然觉得很荣幸。” "Although there’s no need for a retired person to be awarded some prize, I still feel very honored." ——日本动画大师宫崎骏荣获奥斯卡终身成就奖,成为继黑泽明之后第二位获得奥斯卡终身成就奖的日本人。对于此次获奖,宫崎骏说。 - Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki won the Academy Honorary Award, becoming the second Japanese to win the prize following Akira Kurosawa. For this award, Miyazaki said. “一些国内的企业,在国内过得如鱼得水,日子红红火火。但是一到国外,他们按照中国习惯的方式去经营,很快就露出马脚、到处碰壁,像透露用户隐私这种行为都不可以了。” "Some domestic enterprises go smooth and flourish at home, but once operating business in Chinese customary way abroad, they give the show away and run into difficulties everywhere. Even such behaviors as disclosing users’ privacy are prohibited" ——联想集团董事长兼CEO杨元庆在演讲中批评互联网思维颠覆论。 - Yang Yuanqing, the Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, criticizes the Internet thinking subversion theory in his speech. From: The Huxiu Translated by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd. In case of any mistakes, queries or advice, please send emails to Many thanks!

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