Apple's Worldwide Developers “Crying” Conference 2014

苹果 苹果在 1996 年创办的 WWDC 全球开发者大会,现在已经变成了让全球开发者流眼泪的年会。 WWDC founded by Apple in 1996 has now become an annual meeting that frustrates global developers.

其实,原本也不是这样子的。在乔帮主的时代,不用发动现实扭曲力场,人们就会为苹果惊艳的设计而欢呼。但是,自打乔帮主撒手人寰,由于创新不足,库克就习惯性地祭出了借(chao)鉴(xi)这个神器。只要这个神器一出场,场下就会哭到一大片。 In fact, it was not like that in the past. When Steve P.(aul) Jobs was alive, even though there was no reality distortion field, people would cheer for Apple's stunning design. However, due to the lack of innovation since Steve P.(aul) Jobs passed away, Cook has habitually resorted to his Sunday punch-borrowing (which may be called copying). Every time he uses it, a large crowd at the meeting will sigh and have nothing to say.

昨天晚上 1 点,苹果的 WWDC 2014 全球开发者大会开幕。在两个小时的大会上,库克没有为我们带来 iPhone 6,没有为我们带来配有 Retina 屏幕的 Macbook Air,更没有让大家翘首以盼的 iWatch,他只干了一件事——发布了两个系统,OS Yosemite 和 iOS 8。但就这么一件事,便让其它开发者纷纷哭晕在洗手间。 At 1:00 a.m. of June 3 (Beijing time), the Apple's WWDC 2014 opened. In the two-hour meeting, Cook did not bring us iPhone 6, Macbook Air with Retina screen, or highly anticipated iWatch, he only did one thing - releasing two operating systems, OS Yosemite and iOS 8. But such a thing was enough to frustrate other developers.

From: The Cyzone Translated by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd. In case of any mistakes, queries or advice, please send emails to Many thanks!

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